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First Steps! A Forest Spirit Meets A Dragon!

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Re: First Steps! A Forest Spirit Meets A Dragon!

Post by Deviant on Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:18 am

Nodding as Akiko spoke Heartly couldn't much ask for any more information as he found her answer draw a dead line in the sand. 

"That is quite peculiar. I guess it wasn't your first choice either then." Heartly replied jokingly as he looked up to see the lazily drifting Colton whose head was drifting downwards still reaching up to his body at the crow's nest via the ash he was made of. 

"Black Ball is coming up on our right shortly, only signs of clear water ahead. We should be back within the hour. What's our next course of action?"

"Next course of action will be returning this young lady back home any way we can. We just need to hand in our papers for this little expedition and restock."

Nodding Colton returned to his nest and continued strumming the guitar whilst Heartly grinned looking at Akiko.


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Re: First Steps! A Forest Spirit Meets A Dragon!

Post by Sweet Dreams on Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:06 pm

Akiko couldn't help but watch with wide eyes as she watched this man talk to his companion's now disembodied head before she watches it float but up the the crow's nest before she turns to look back at Heartly and gives a somewhat nervous sounding chuckle "You humans really are strange...in good ways but strange all the same.." She says before she starts looking over her flute looking for any damage the damp salt water might of caused.
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