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Violet Blood-Stalker

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Violet Blood-Stalker

Post by Aidoneus on Sun Sep 25, 2016 8:55 am

General Information
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants..."

Name: Keranosa Dagon
Epithet: Violet "Foxy" Blood-Stalker
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Wano Country
Species: Fox Mink
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: The Free Generation
Occupation: Captain/Herbologist
Keranosa's Bounty: 0 
Violet's Bounty: 30,000,000 
Crimes Committed
Grand Theft
Aggravated Assault
Assault & Battery
Deformation of Character
Destruction of Property
Petty Theft
Disturbing the peace
Allegiance: Pirate
• To take over the underworld and become Queen of the shadows
• To destroy the government
• To defeat an admiral 
• To wipe the "dragons" off the planet
• To have a loving and united family/friendship/crew
• To fall in love with a beautiful fishman/merman and have beautiful babies
• To have a harem of hot women
• To fly
• To be honored and feared by all
• To become a doctor

Character Information
"If happiness was to have form, it would be glass."


Appearance: Violet is 150cm tall exactly, weighing exactly 43kg. She has short, beautiful fur that appears to be lavender with blue tips in direct light. In dark shadows and at night, her fur appears to be dark amethyst with bright crimson tips. She has fox ears on the top of her head that are pale silver on the inside and have faded-blue-gray fur on them. Her claws are normally retracted, curving just over the edge of her finger as to provide a barrier for her finger tips as well as grip. When detracted, the claws extend 7cm, revealing the dark pitch black behind the bright red tips. Her eyes are iridescent violet.

She is very athletic, and her tone is only amplified by her fur as she remains as smooth and soft as she was before no matter how much she trains or fights. She has very large cleavage given her size, but a fairly common breast size in general. She has fairly long legs, enhancing the sexy teen athlete look. She has a proportionate butt that is neither extraordinarily large or particularly small but is perfect given her size and figure. She has a 51cm long fox tail that is the same color as her body fur, with the whole tip of the tail being the hair-tip color.

During the day, she wears very little clothing. She wears a swimsuit/bra made from hemp, as well as a skirt that is split on the sides and goes halfway down her knees held by a leather belt. At night she wears a black cloak with black gloves and black sandals with small incisions made from her claws. While disguised, she wears a white fox mask. She likes jewelry and wears it as much as she can, but tends have poor luck with valuable objects and therefor is always seen with different jewelry if any.

Violet is a very intuitive person; her logic is often rooted in her instincts, her deductive reasoning, and her empathy. She is alluring, exotic, and wild. She changes how she behaves constantly, almost as if she could not hold a form. However, she always acts with many layers of forethought and deliberation; those who know her well can begin to see her real personality, the persona behind the charisma. 

She has little fear, but holds both great excitement and sorrow within her. She tempers her anger with logic and empathy as to not interfere with her charisma. She likes to have fun and adventure, but it's all about learning and experiencing new things; in short, she likes surprises. At times she is soft spoken and thoughtful, but other times she is loud and quick to act. She has an extremely strong sex drive, but keeps it in check through sheer willpower... Most of the time. She doesn't get close to people easy, but is social enough regardless; she is very good at keeping secrets.

She is bitter towards the entire world, especially her island and the government, and is bitter towards the gods for allowing all of it. She however loves life, loves nature, and various things about the world as a whole; she balances her emotions and tries to maintain focus based on objective reasoning. She is extremely loyal to true allies, but truly trusts so few that she may seem untrustworthy at first glance. She has respect for honest and direct people and tries to return the gesture to such people.

Character History
"Glass is thicker than blood."

One time hundreds of years ago, a certain group of minks left zou and formed their own clan is what later became known as the wano country. While this clan migrated back to zou sometime during the lost century under unknown circumstances, a small group of decedents of the original leader of the clan continued to persevere in the wano country. 20 years ago, the eldest male descendant of the clan conspired against the wano country's government, and was hunted down; the mink was clever, however, and successfully hid for a full year. Unknown to the soldiers, the man had learned his wife was pregnant and decided to go into hiding as a pregnancy precaution; his wife had given birth before they were and they even had enough time to send their child away without drawing the attention of the wano country. Both were executed, but their child lived; the boat they had stowed it away in ended up broken in a storm, allowing her to float aimlessly through the sea at the mercy of the gods.

Weeks at sea left the poor mink babe starved and ill. She washed up on the shore of an island somewhere in the calm belt, known as Mount Kikyo. The buzzards were already circling her when the humans found her; a particularly curious doctor decided to take her in as a pet. He soon found that the mink was much more than some animal, and was far more than a simple pet. He raised her as a daughter, in place of the daughter he had had stillborn. His wife was thrilled to have another child; her last pregnancy had a nasty miscarriage and she lost the ability to mother. Violet was taught to love, but the story of a rogue mink is never a happy one...

One day pirates came. They had "commandeered" a marine ship and were using it to raid islands on the calm belt without fear of seakings. When they came to this holy pacifist land of monks, traders, and priests, they saw only opportunity. The local navy as well as the monks rose to defend the people; the kept the pirates away from villages and monasteries... but they had not the manpower to protect the thousands of estates located across the island. The pirates killed them all; her entire family gone, and the government had done nothing to help. The doctor had tried to negotiate and they just shot him. The brother tried to protect then, but he was no experienced pirate; he defeated two but was so distract that the third slit his throat before he could even finish them off. The beat the poor girl up as she tried to keep them away from her mother. She was forced to watch and listen as her mother was tortured and defiled; she ended up biting her tongue trying to end it, but they just seared her hole mouth away, tongue and all. The pirates left them to die; the woman only lasted 3 hours before she bled out.

The young girl was all alone when the pirates left. She tried to find shelter, but no one, not even the monks, would take her. She lived off the land, relying on logic, memory, and her instincts to survive. She discovered many plants, learned many skills, killed many animals, and persevered. She tried to sell flowers for coins, she tried making potions for beli, she even hunted game and tried to sell meat; all fruitless. They wouldn't let her through gated villages, and kicked her out of any civilized place as often as possible. Then they started beating her. She began to see the island as a prison and began wishing for things she didn't have. These ideals continue to affect her personality: she wants to fall in love with another kind of pseudohuman that doesn't care about her animal likeness; she wishes to fly for the sake of freedom; she wants a group of  girlfriends who will always be there for her; to be trained in medical science and taken to a far away land to become a doctor. Simple whims of youth.
Bloodied and broken, she gave up on life. She wasted away in an alley, waiting for death. A certain monk was passing through the alley and noticed her; he inquired her, and learned about her history and why she wished for death. The monk instead took her to a cave in the mountains and revealed a secret to her: a revolution was coming, and he was in charge of it. A former master monk, one who had great knowledge of kong-fu, ninjutsu, life return, rokushiki, and haki. He was planning to free Mt. Kikyo from the government, and her experience would prove invaluable. She knew the wild like no human, even at that age. And so her training began.

After 3 years of intense training,  lifting weights, combat experience, and reading various books, mostly about nature, she was ready. She and the revolutionaries started the uprising. They waited until the execution of a certain prisoner, who many believed was falsely accused and sentenced, and attacked the marines. They yelled for freedom and justice and the people joined in a ferocious riot. The monk gave a speech and blamed the monasteries and the nobles for the corruption. They raided every monastery and mansion on the island, taking what they pleased. They destroyed, they ate, and some of the men even went too far. But she said nothing. Why ruin this uprising, this new world that would accept her? What was morality after all? Just perception. She led the men against the HQ on the island. She destroyed the marine base, killed the captain, and later that night burned the building to the ground. In front if the wreckage she gave a speech to the people, saying many things against the government. That's when she received her bounty.

Though the people had grown to trust her, it was not long before trouble raised again. Despite helping them throughout all of this turmoil to give them what they wanted and win their hearts, she was just too different for them to cope with her. Bounty hunters and government agents attacked her one after another, public and private causing vast amounts of damages and complications. The gang effectively kicked her out of the city and began giving her extremely deadly training by calling her back to the monk's HQ. She began to resent the whole island, not including the monk. Then she began to resent herself. Blaming herself for all the problems, she put it upon herself to slit her throat.

She woke up in the infirmary. The nurse babbled on to her, trying to keep her spirits up; all she really did was keep her from killing herself and inform her: the monk had found her and lied to everyone, saying she had been attacked by an assassin. Why had he done this? Her train of thought was broken by the mirror. She could see the marks where they had sewn her throat back together. Truly she was lucky to be alive. But she didn't care. She rose from her bed and confronted her leader. The monk merely said "it wasn't worth it." It took her years to learn why. She had a destiny, and she simply did not know it yet. But at the time she just resigned that she wouldn't be able to escape so easy, and went back to training. 

A year later, the marines returned backed by a vice admiral, 2 battle ships, and 10000 men. They overwhelmed the militia and repossessed the majority of the island in just hours. The monk battled the vice admiral. He died, after a brutal and lengthy battle. In an instant, her whole world was upside down. She tried to sneak onto the battle ship to kill the vice admiral; though she succeeded via surprise poisoning, she was captured and beaten until she couldn't resist or move freely; however, she was able to escape as far as the next village before being captured, allowing the news to spread like wildfire. As quick as the marines had taken over the island, the island slaughtered them all. Everyone heard of how she poisoned the admiral, and retreated to gather reinforcements and battles the marines head on, being captured after killing many men. They remembered their old leader and came to her aid. They heard her call, and they saved her and themselves at the same time. They hailed her as a hero.

Her bounty was raised to the 30 million. She helped begin reconstruction of the island and then took the commandeered battleships out to sea, escaping her prison. She had grown tired of the island. People hated and loved her on a whim, and the only people who actually cared about her were all dead. Why should she care? She wanted to explore, to see nature, to conquer, to overthrow the government. She had come to realize the role she had had in the island's development and began to realize that she should not waste the chance the monk gave her.

Just as she was leaving the calm belt, her battleship was swarmed by pirates. The pirates were surprised to see civilians and a mink as opposed to soldiers, but they still captured them all anyway. They took each into a room for "evaluation and interrogation" in the captain's words. No one spoke of what took place in those rooms, but the various noises and screams implied that they had bern tortured, each in a different way. When she went into the room, 1st mate slashed his cutlass, cutting her from her knee up her thigh and torso and across the right side of her chin, removing her clothing and bringing her a little pain. This was nothing new however, as similar scenarios took place on the island; she wasn't even phased. They didn't try to physically harm her; the captain had seen from her resolve that pain meant nothing to her. He decided a more indirect approach would prove effective. They took advantage of her state and her being chained to take what purity she had left. The pain was immense but nothing compared to the mental shock of herself. She began to remember herself before the monk; suddenly she could remember everything the couldn't remember before. Suddenly it all made sense: who she really was. 

A lot changed in the following weeks. Several became slaves, others were killed, and one unlucky man was eaten on one particularly rough voyage. Violet was still in her cell, but with renewed resolve it was impossible to stop her. She was always pretty flexible, even for a woman; she figured out how to dislocate several joints and relocate them. She dislocated her wrists, shoulders, and hips to remove the chains. From their she simply used her claws to hide from view on the ceiling. When the foolish swabee came to look for her not wanting to anger the captain, she killed him quickly and cleanly. She took the keys and released the prisoners. She lead an uprising against the crew. The captain she battled outclassed her in combat prowess by far, but violet was wild and clever... and full of rage. She took advantage of the chaos to lead him into the fire of one of his own cannons, blowing off his right leg. In those small few moments that the captain was in shock of what happened, violet grabbed a cutlass and cut off the captain's sword arm. He went to shoot her, but she stabbed his wrist into a nearby wooden box. She pulled his own pistol and shot him point blank in the head. One of the prisoners was the 1st mate for a long time, so she had him take position as the new Captain.

With the resources of the crew and her boundless lack of resources, she had no choice but to serve as a 1st mate for the new captain. She learned about piracy, learning through experience various skills and phenomena related to pirate life. She lead raid after raid, and ambush after ambush for 2 long years. She had finally become an adult woman at the age of 18. She may not have finished maturing, but it had become impossible to argue from personality, physicality, or anything else that she was a woman. And she also became a ferocious and powerful pirate for the blues. The captain lead a full assault against a marine base in the north blue. Though the siege was successful, which was mostly due to violet's strategy, the captain had died during combat. The captain had told her of many things and she thought of them all, including a hatred for evil, such as the one that killed him, and of the dragons who enslaved him. She decided she would take down all true evil, and the primary target was the dragons.

Being 1st mate at the time of the captain's death gave her the authority to appoint a new captain or serve as captain herself; she chose the latter. Being in charge allowed her to finally attempt to live her true dream, and find her true destiny. She is plotting for the revolution of the whole world, while raiding and exploring new lands. She had discovered the hari hari no mi in the marine base and ate it. She now had yet another resource at her disposal. But she was looking for people to make a true crew of elites, ones who would purge the grandline and destroy the world government and conquer the entire world, forming a new world government of a different function of the predecessor, allowing for the "free government" of each individual island. A world where the law is not based on the government, but of the nature and culture of the people living as free men and women. A world where everyone has the right to pursue their destiny.

• Memory: 
From the moment she was born, she had more acute senses. Nothing substantial, nothing that would make her particularly abnormal for a mink; but her acute senses made her pay close attention to every thing she detected. By the time she was 3, her focus on her senses was so great that she began memorizing everything she detected. By the time she turned 10, she learned how to recall any and every memory of every single second she experienced in her memorable life. As an adult, she memorizes everything passively as data and recalls memories at will.
• Charisma:
Years of suffering from tyranny and years of persuading people to overlook her anatomy allowed her to gain a thorough understanding of emotions, human logic, and human instinct; this knowledge combined with her persona and experience allows her to detect deceit and manipulate others. 
• Herbology:
Years of exploring nature and living as a mink in a human world has given Keranosa extensive experience with using herbs, fungus, seeds, and flowers for various purposes, as well as the ability to distinguish and locate edible, poisonous, and psychedelic  plants.
• Mink Blood:
Keranosa was born in likeness of a fox. She has fangs and retractable claws that function well as weapons. She has an especially acute senses of smell and hearing, and she can see very well in the dark; these senses also provide her with an excellent sense of direction. Like all minks, she is a natural warrior and hunter. She never loses balance, and is capable of superb stealth and acrobatic feats. She has an extremely quick metabolism and recovery rate, and she can produce electro like many minks; of course, using powers of the hari hari no mi prevents her from using her electro at the same time. Uniquely, her electro is red.
• Crimson Death Style: 
A fighting style developed by a rogue monk based in kong fu, ninjutsu jiujitsu, and mui tai adapted to her various experiences, her animal instincts, and general mink combat via intense training. It is straight-forward, but subtle at the same time in that all of its attacks are able to be used with or without weapons, and are also designed to manipulate the opponent and take advantage of what most would call experience or good judgement. It teaches strategy, tactics, resolve, balance, and destiny.

"Bitches love cannons."

Pistol, Blunderbuss (hand-canon), knife, cutlass, smoke bombs
Weapon Description: standard 18th century weaponry 

Biology Kit
Weapon Description: standard medical supplies and gardening tools, chemistry set (similar to choppers), natural preservatives, various lenses, hemp rope, and calipers. 

Devil Fruit Information
"Only words are sharper than glass."

Devil Fruit Name:Hari Hari no Mi (玻璃玻璃の実)
Translation: Glass Glass Fruit
Type: Logia
Abilities of the fruit: The Hari Hari no Mi turns the user into a glass person, capable of generating, manipulating, and becoming glass at will.
Mastery levels
1st Level
• The user gains intangibility
• The user becomes an electric insulator
• The user gains the ability to generate unlimited amounts of glass
2nd Level
• The user gains intangibility
• The user becomes an electric insulator
• The user gains the ability to generate unlimited amounts of glass
• The user gains the ability to manipulate glass (color, sharpness, hardness, temperature, texture, reflectiveness, malleability, etc)
3rd Level
• The user gains intangibility
• The user becomes an electric insulator
• The user gains the ability to generate unlimited amounts of glass
• The user gains the ability to manipulate glass (color, sharpness, hardness, temperature, texture, reflectiveness, malleability, etc)
• The user gains the ability to detect and manipulate all forms of light via glass 
• The user gains the ability to petrify and preserve anything coated in glass (much like the hie hie no mi but slightly more effective, albeit not by touch effect)

Combat Information
"Only Death will preserve life."

Unarmed Combat
Crimson Blade (Unarmed): The user holds a piece of reflective material in his or her hand or feet, then tries to reflect light into the opponent's eyes at the opportune moment. In the same moment, the user opens his or her fist into a chop, crouches, spins around, and makes a roundhouse kick or knife hand strike as the user raises up.

Crimson Lunge: The user baits an attack, then feints a backstep, as if about to evade. Then, as they expect the user to jump back, he or she lunges forward and strikes the opponent in the instant of surprise.

Weapon Based Combat:
Crimson Blade: The user uses virtually any reflective object capable of being swung like a blade, preferably a sword, and makes a high strike, attempting to draw the opponent's gaze closer to the sun; mid-strike, the user changes the angle, reflecting light into the opponent's eye's as in the same moment he ducks, makes a reverse back-step and attempts to strike horizontally at a lower angle, typically the stomach, legs, or chest.

Crimson Lunge (armed): The user baits an attack and feints a parry with the weapon. Mid block, the user twists the weapon and kicks, distracting the opponent from the fact that she is gaining momentum. In the next instant, the weapon is thrown in a fast lunging motion as to strike opponents who attempt to block or evade her kick.

None currently

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Re: Violet Blood-Stalker

Post by Deviant on Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:49 pm


Maybe I missed it, or maybe there is no explanation for these but if so can you please explain to me why these are dreams of Violet's, add them in or remove them.

• To wipe the "dragons" off the planet
• To fall in love with a beautiful fishman/merman and have beautiful babies
• To have a harem of hot women
• To fly
• To become a doctor


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Re: Violet Blood-Stalker

Post by Aidoneus on Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:03 pm

They were more or less implied. She's a mink, and dragons enslave minks; furthermore, she is very revolutionary in style and personality which includes world domination in her agenda. So killing them would be included in that a some point. As for the other 4, all were included in my list because those are the kind of dreams a mink child might form alone in a foreign world, where normal humans and men in particular take advantage of and abuse her. I didn't directly state them because frankly doing so is needless fluff. I'll edit later today.


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Re: Violet Blood-Stalker

Post by Deviant on Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:58 am

Unless stated otherwise


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Re: Violet Blood-Stalker

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