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Crimson Death Style

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Crimson Death Style

Post by Aidoneus on Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:53 am

Fighting Style Name: Crimson Death Style
Origin: developed by a rogue monk on a calm belt island known as Mt. Kikyo
Overview: The fighting style has a fundamental basis in kong-fu and ninjutsu, adapted with jiujitsu and mui tai as well as following the philosophy of the rogue monk who created it. It teaches strategy, tactics, resolve, balance, destiny, adaptability, wisdom, and enlightenment. Uses a lot of sneaky tactics. 

~Zero State~
•Deceive opponents into making openings for the user to exploit. 
•Manipulate projectiles fluidly and deliberately such as cannonballs bullets rocks and spears
•Use multiple weapons including improvised weapons with proficiency in the midst of a combat situation
•Hold resolve to never break composure or lose focus in battle
•Basic mixed martial art capabilities

~First State~
First State is equivalent to Luffy using Gear Second/Zoro using Azura/Sanji using Diable Jambe. It can only be used after extensive training and once reaching certain stats which require the techniques.

~Second State~
Second State is equivalent to Luffy's Gear Third and It can only be used after extensive training and once reaching certain stats which require the techniques.

~Third State~
Third State is gaining mastery over the fighting style and being able to do everything with the fighting style.

Technique Name: Crimson Blade
State: Zero
Type:improvised close combat
Description & After effect:tries to lure an opponent's gaze upward to reflect sunlight into their eyes, then use a spinning maneuver to quickly strike with high velocity from a lower, less protected angle.
Side Effect(s): If parried before the strike while crouched she will be disarmed.
Requirement(s): Know the style

Technique Name: Crimson Lunge
State: Zero
Type: improvised close combat
Description & After effect:tries to bait an opponent's then get either lunging an item or one's self to strike the opponent in the moment they attack.
Side Effect(s): none
Requirement(s): Know the style


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