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Rotten Apples

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Rotten Apples

Post by Deviant on Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:53 am

East Blue, Hedge Drop:::.
Early Morning, 6:00AM::.

Wide open blues reach as far as the eye can see, the sky littered with clouds as the cloth of night begins to subside and a new day begins to break through greeted by the glorious golden light shinning on through the clouds which begin to dissipate. Smiling down over the day which is only just beginning the sun shines it warm glow over the blue, the beaches and the greenery that surrounds Hedge Drop the heavily populated island of plants of almost every kind.

Rife with markets Hedge Drop is but one of many towns which has a strong thriving market community where goods are sold for fair prices and the gain for everyone all round is even. As they say you get what you pay for and that was exactly the case in this cosy little town.

With the opening of the clouds allowing a warm sun to breath life into the town of Hedge Drop the market owners had already begun to bring in the new stock from their workshops, warehouses and even their homes from long time veteran marketeers to new age budding stall owners. They were ready to exchange goods for fair gain.

Little did they know that today among other days would be the one where their protection money would be no good.

Weekly collections were common in a place with no heroes and no one brave enough to stand up to the sheer force of the Navy and their many many recruits looking for any excuse to show a civilian the but of their rifle or just how sharp their new blade they'd only been issued that day really was.

In groups of three Marine recruits would hit up the stalls and request a minimum of 500 Beli per person running the stall. In some cases this led to rather extortionate amounts, especially in cases where the whole family were there to help out.

But to the naval recruits it was just another form of payment that would fill their pockets till it was split by their Captain, the man who had sent them on these little errands and kept everything hidden from his superiors rather well.

The marine with the apple tree as he was known.

An accomplished hero with many victories under his belt and authority he demanded be respected, it was thanks to him that pirates didn't frequent Hedge Drop and why there were currently none left out of those who'd risked it. With a blank wall in his office he would post up the bounty posters most recently issued and start an investigation into the first and do everything in his power to track them down if in the vicinity and only move to the next one once he was finished. With a current record of 59 arrests he proved to be quite the Naval Captain.

But to the stall owners he was something else. Something much much worse.


It had been the longest time that the blue had been beneath his feet and he'd been struggling to stay afloat, but with the troubles that had cropped up among the journey the small raft turned rowing with help of a few extra beli belonging to the man who refereed to himself as the future pirate king, but to others was Wynter he stood atop the tiny mast he'd made out of spare parts whilst the rest of the boat slowly sailed on just beneath the water's surface.

Having done his best and clearly not succeeded anywhere nears as well as he'd hoped, partly due to a large angler fish he'd encountered, the man known as Wynter was just pleading that his crumby little boat lasted just enough time to let him land at the small wooden docks of Hedge Drop.

They were just out of reach and the water was quickly creeping up on him.

Keeping his eyes peeled on the water which rose Wynter's eyes flicked between port and the surface of the blue and before he was even near enough to properly dock or take a step form his ship, he was in the air and his ship falling to pieces.

The sheer force of the leap had pushed the boat into a world of hurt it had never known or wished to know. Quickly beginning to fall apart and drift apart Wynter found himself only just on the edge. His feet half on and half off he reached forward for anything to steady him only to find the hand of a passing young lady who smiled at him as she puled him forward.


He said with a smile as the woman left him to enjoy the dry land and sun which had begun to shine down a little brighter now breathing life through the town which would be bustling with life and deals.

Peering behind him Wynter saw the remains of what had been his ship and how it no longer existed.

With a smile on his face and determination in his heart he was certain this was the place he could finally begins his journey.


Bottles, syringes and pills covered the room.

Stacked into triangles were bottles on the window sill. Syringes which had been full of artificial adrenaline lay on the bed side table whilst pills were over the floor, none of which had actually made their way into the mouth of the old codger people knew as Lyceum Tate.

Attempting to put his problems behind him and avoid dealing with them he saw partying till he could party now more as his only solution. It was just a shame how wrong he was. Even worse was that he knew it.

The room had been spinning hours earlier and now it simply hurt his eyes to look around. Tasting the foul disgusting alcoholic beverages in his mouth he turned his head to the left and spat on the floor to try and rid himself of the taste.

A small glow had begun to shin through the curtains and Lyceum started to see that maybe the night previous had been a bad idea. He was just grateful that today wasn't a day of work, but another day he could slack off.

No patients, no worries, no need to wake up.

But the shooting pain in his back told him there was a need for him to indulge his addiction, it was time he swallow down a good few pain killers and let the pain from his pain attempt to subside.

Groaning as he lay back down, Lyceum tried to recollect the memories from last night of which were only a blur of continuous drink after drink, slap after slap and injection after injection.

It was no wonder his body felt so painful and he felt so rough.


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