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John M. Carpenter

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Approved John M. Carpenter

Post by Deviant on Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:33 am

General Information
"Don't touch the drink!"

Name: John Mason Carpenter
Epithet: Gin John
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidexterous

Crew: Gin Rockers
Ship: On The Rocks
Occupation: Captain | Navigator
Bounty Collected: 11,900,850
Allegiance: Marine
• Never have his drink knocked over

Character Information
"If alcohol is the devil's mouthwash then that makes me the devil"

Naval Flag:

John M. Carpenter Traditional Appearance:

John Carpenter is a tall man reaching a full height of six foot and weighs a full 18 stone full of muscle and that's not including the alcohol. An older gentleman with brown hair which shows a pretty clear receding hairline he has a mustache which curls at the ends and a chinstrap beard. Both of which often stink of booze. Beneath his clothing he has various tattoos of which litter his arms right the way up to his torso of which is fairly bare with the exception of some chest hair.

Built strong like a machine with the body of a brawler John Carpenter has a few wounds scattered over his torso from the fights he's endured. Often covering his body is a tuxedo with the bow tie undone and the top few buttons opened up wide. The sleeves rolled up and a pair of trainers on his feet he adopts a relaxed demeanor always looking as if he's just come back from a fancy party or ball room dancing.

Laid back, determined and very absent minded Captain John Carpenter knows his full abilities and likes to joke around. He's a friendly drunk but a mean alcoholic who doesn't like the idea of wasting a good drink. Especially when it's his own. He works tirelessly into the night without a second thought if need be, but upon operations he knows how to mobilize his force. Fully capable of becoming a nightmare at a moment's notice, he is no the man you want opposite you on the battle field.

Having lived a long career, he's picked up some useful tactics and forget them many times over. But he isn't a fool, as he often comes out on top. Not a heartless man but a stickler for justice John Carpenter heavily weighs up his choices making important and accurate decisions each and every time.

Character History
"There's no time for hangovers"


Joining the Navy in his younger days John became a Navy recruit at the age of 29. Not quite the youngest of men or even the best choice at his age. But he was determined and that was all that mattered. Quickly he exceeded expectations and became a serious contender for the next promotion. As an older member of the Navy no one expected him to have much experience or even pick things up quick enough.

But instead he pushed forward.

It was when he hit the rank of Warrant Officer that he started to see things differently. He'd picked up a few good combat skills and even a few more years on the others, but whilst they stayed behind learning other skills to make them more important he started to see how he was only standing out as a fighter and picked up a book. Allowing others to excel ahead of him, John took navigation up thinking about how it would make him invaluable as a fighter and a navigational expert all ships would want him.

After a full year of learning as much as he could, John put himself to the test. Taking a few days off he boarded a ship to an island he'd never been before and leapt over board. He made sure to do so within range of an island and made a mad dash for it. Once upon the island he removed a map and a few other tools to aid him in navigation.

He would use these tools and what he'd learned he could craft a boat from on the island to find his way back to the Marine head barracks he'd been working alongside. In the space of a day he'd crafted a boat sturdy enough to carry him and best the waves along with the weather. At the dawn of the next day he was well on his way in the blue working out which way was next.

He was unfortunate enough to come across a boat being ransacked by bandits and despite being an off duty naval officer. Took this situation under his control. Boarding the boat he did his best to bring down the bandits. In turn the two were crooks he'd been after a few days earlier. Knocking them out cold an tying the two up he allowed the travelers to turn the crooks in.

In exchange for his help the travelers offered John a fruit they'd planned on selling due to it's heavy price it would catch, being grateful for the food John snatched it up quickly and swallowed it whole. He'd never seen a devil fruit before, nor did he know what one was.

So when he boarded his ship and left upon his merry way back to the barracks the travelers gazed at him with such shock. If they'd know he would eat it, they would've just kept it.

Five days later and confused John Carpenter arrived back home a little worse for wear and a little smelly too, but he was finally home. Due to the fruit being so disgusting and having a few moments where everything became so quiet he turned himself into the doctors for a quick examination.

After they turned him away claiming everything was alright, he went two more times until finally his answer was given to him when he handed his captain his weapon. Undersiege from a bandit force the Warrant Officer John and his captain took to arms. his captain was unarmed and John reached for his weapon a Kairōseki tipped cutlass. His body fell limp. During the battle he'd tried throwing the cutlass and failed when his skin came into contact.

When he awoke after battle in which he'd been knocked unconscious it was all explained to him.

Assigned to a devil fruit force when he could learn more about his fruit and put it to good use, John became more proficient and learned that he could now not only navigate but also silence whatever he wanted and that more powers would be unlocked as he worked harder and harder.

Quickly with these two new gifts he picked up more skills to help with his navigation and shot up through the ranks till he reached Captain at the age of 32. To celebrate he held a large party and got very drunk. But since that day he's seemed to have a problem with knowing when to stop. Building up a strong resistance to it, he seems to be able to function just as well with it.


Navigational Prowess - Spending years studying the topic and even pushing himself to navigate his way home from a deserted island in the West blue he considered himself worthy of passing this test of his own to learn the art of navigation. He has become more proficient and skilled in the art over the years. But there is still a little he can still learn.

Weather Prediction - With the constant use of his navigational prowess aboard each ship he'd aboard and the years he'd been helping out, he had started to take notice of the weather and over the course of time slowly started to understand how the shift of the clouds foretold the stories of oncoming storms or settling suns.

Alcohol Resistance - As a newly found heavy drinker, he discovered a few things, it works as a way to dull not just the senses but the pain and works as a great way to relieve stress. However with drinking so much and pushing himself so far with it he's developed a little bit of a problem which has resulted in a high resistance to the demon drink.

"Does booze count"


Weapon Description:

Weapon Special Abilities:

Weapon History:

Devil Fruit Information
"Devils, Drinks & Danger?"

Devil Fruit Name: Nagi Nagi no Mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: Level One
Devil Fruit Abilities: The Nagi Nagi no Mi is the Calm Calm Fruit which allows the user to create soundproofing. It allows sounds to be cancelled out within a sphere or stop sound from getting out.

Level One
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to create a sphere which can reach up to 25 feet
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out sounds coming from within the sphere
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out the sounds from outside the sphere

Level Two
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to create a sphere which can reach up to 50 feet
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out sounds coming from within the sphere
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out the sounds from outside the sphere
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out vibrations from the sounds created

Level Three
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to create a sphere which can reach up to 100 feet
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out sounds coming from within the sphere
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out the sounds from outside the sphere
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to cancel out vibrations from the sounds created
• The Nagi Nagi User gains the ability to cancel out specific sounds in targeted areas such as people's voices
• The Nagi Nagi user gains the ability to direct sound vibrations via using soundproofing spheres.

Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
• Haki
• Water
• Kairōseki

Combat Information
"Dangerous Drunk"

Unarmed Combat:

Devil Fruit Combat

A basic physical blow upon an enemy with the areas that would normally make noise upon contact muted via the Nagi Nagi no Mi powers.

Mute: Dial Tone
Using his Nagi Nagi no Mi powers John uses his powers to silence the sounds around a den den mushi so nothing can be conveyed via the den den mushi

Haki: N/A


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Approved Re: John M. Carpenter

Post by Scarecrow on Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:15 am

Unless Stated Otherwise


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