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Gin Rocker Marines

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Approved Gin Rocker Marines

Post by Deviant on Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:39 am

Battalion 22: Gin Rocker Marines
"Swerving All Over The World"

Led by the dangerous drunk John Carpenter the Gin Rockers work their way through the ocean with a steely determination rocking all over the waves, downing drinks, feeling like crap from the night before and looking out for one another like friends from a night out. They only have one rule to follow and that applies for the everyone, captain & superiors included. Whatever you do. Don't spill the drinks!

Crew Name: Battalion 22nd: Gin Rocker Marines

Crew Motto: "Drink up!"

Crew Theme Song:

Crew Ship: On The Rocks

Crew Roster
"The Rocks"

Captain | Navigator
John M. Carpenter
"Gin John"
(ジンジョン / Jin Jon)
• Nagi Nagi no Mi User
• Navigational Prowess
• Alcohol Resistance

Bounty Collected : 11,900,850

Vaetric Epoch (★)
(N / A)
• Undying Hatred

Bounty Collected : 0

Recruit | Shipwright
Sylafen Etchy (★)
(ぎこちない / Gikochinai)
• Skilled Shipwright
• Inventive

Bounty Collected : 0
Total Crew Bounty Collected: 11,900,850

Crew's Goals:

Never have his drink knocked over

Nothing in particular yet

Build the world's greatest war ship
Surpass his father as a shipwright

"On The Rocks"

Ship (Frigate)
The On The Rocks is an ordinary Naval frigate with the naval colours throughout, stand amount of rooms, cannons & general layout. The only noticeable difference are that this ship has is a custom painting on the back right of the ship in black which is of a pair of rocks which look allot like ice cube with a palm tree reaching up from them. Bottom right of the ice cubes it looks as if it has been dripping and is seen dripping down the side of the ship.

Thread History
"Ready for seconds?"

Pre-Drinking Saga

Intoxicated Silence - Pending

Crew Rules
"Navy Law"

So 'ere be some codes for the Navy, simple rules to follow:

First: Plain and simple, respect each other, (user wise) characters can argue & fight like Zoro & Sanji not members. Just take it to PMs if you got a problem, and remembering terms of rp you are free to do what you like just don't take the piss and do something just for the sake of doing it to annoy another user and ruin the story line just cause you think it'd be your character's personality type to destroy the plot. >.>

Secondly: Posting. Post when you can but don't take the piss. If you do not post for a week without any legit reason being given at all, such as being online and just not posting. Control of your character will be controlled by me. (And trust me you don't want that) If this continues for a maximum of 2 weeks, then your character will just be left on a turtle in the middle of the sea left to drown. (Sorry but its an RPing site.)

Thirdly: Always try to post a decent sized post and give other user's something to work with in their next post. Cause no one wants to read. "Ringo slashed the old man across the throat and watched him die" I mean come on, thats like using 1 tenth of the brain power I use to wiggle my big toe. (Can't really wiggle the little ones.)

Fourth: Less of a rule more of a simple side note. If you wish to let someone else know a certain something in the thread then either post a spoiler in the post with important information and please remember to colour it. Or post ((OOC: [Insert message here] ))
OOC=Out Of Character (Just for those that didn't know)

"Just don't spill my drink"

Buy a round, get a place.

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Approved Re: Gin Rocker Marines

Post by Scarecrow on Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:14 am

Unless Stated Otherwise


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