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Sylafen Etchy

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Approved Sylafen Etchy

Post by Deviant on December 1st 2017, 00:30

General Information

Name: Sylafen Etchy
Epithet: "Edgy"
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left-Handed

Crew: Gin Rockers
Ship: On The Rocks
Occupation: Seaman Recruit | Shipwright
Bounty Collected: 0
Allegiance: Marine
• Build the world's greatest war ship
• Surpass his father as a shipwright

Character Information

Naval Flag:

Sylafen Etchy Traditional Appearance:

Sylafen is a slender man with neatly combed dark brown | black hair with a little facial hair which is fairly neatly trimmed. He doesn't have a face with strong expression, but does carry around a set of goggles with him which often hang from his head or rest on his head. He wears a grey shirt long sleeve jumper with a white tank top beneath it. Over the top is a dark jacket which he has open all the time with the sleeves rolled up. He wears a set of trousers which are the same as his jacket and a pair of steel toe capped boots over his feet. On the edges of his trousers at the bottom are zips which allow him the chance to unzip them so he can roll them up.


Sylafen the Defensive

Growing up as a shipwright with a strong desire to keep his ships in tact and family safe from harm, Sylafen works hard not just at his job as a Naval seaman recruit, but as a person to keep everyone safe from everyone and thing. Having spent a life fighting off would be crooks who wanted their ships or free repairs, he has seen enough and is now fed up of it too. Which is part of the reasoning for him taking on the mantel of the Marine.

Sylafen the Light-weight

Not the biggest drinker in the world Sylafen has come from a family where it is discouraged especially when working on ships. He never really had the chance to fall into the position of heavy drinker thus he is a huge light weight and alcohol hits him pretty hard. When it hits him he often begins to act very childish, but the alcohol really takes a hell of a toll on him and the next day Sylafen will still often be feeling the effects of the alcohol. His hangover tends to only get worse when he's not on solid ground.

Sylafen the Marine

As a Marine his duty is to work his hardest to bring justice to the world a dream he's had ever since someone tried stealing his ship from his father's shipyard. So his morals are in the right place, but his biggest problem is dealing with confrontation between people of the same rank. He often adapts a very plain attitude. Despite not being able to speak up to his superiors he very quickly shows how useful he is.

Character History


Sylafen comes from a family of shipwrights. When he was old enough to start helping he did so and very quickly too. Sylafen had always wanted to help out and when his hands discovered the joys of building there was no stopping him. Both father and mother very strongly encouraged him and before they knew it, Sylafen was off crafting his own battle ship in the hopes that one day the Marines would buy them from him.

But as a child these were only pipe dreams.

By the age of 15 Sylafen had already built five small ships and he was already working on a sixth, hoping to take this one up to a bigger size of ship. He just needed to make sure he could get his hands on the supplies. He'd made some money selling his old ships to people but not yet to the Navy. As he launched himself into his work, Sylafen headed out to buy some supplies and heard about how bandits in the town were planning on stealing a ship from the shipyard.

This concerned Sylafen to which he made haste back home to warn his family of the impending danger on it's way and that night it did so. Gunfire, the clashing of swords & screams could be heard. Shuddering in fear Sylafen hid away inside hoping not to be found or to lose his family.

Waking in the morning he discovered his family were still there and he was still safe. Smiling he questioned his father as to why someone would try to steal the ships and after a long explanation he understood that in the future this would continue to happen.

Sylafen continued to work away on the ships, but he'd started to notice the weapon wardrobe in the house. As he grew older and more ships made their way out of the yard in exchange for money Sylafen saw more attacks and they even got worse. It frustrated him and he decided it was time he take up arms as well. He knew that he wasn't like the rest of his family who were quick to slice and blow these bandits away, but that didn't mean he couldn't help.

When a dilapidated ship found its way into the yard from close by, Sylafen took the anchor and planned to craft himself a shield. Not just to defend himself but the family too. He proved himself useful using his shield to defeat the bandits. He proved to be of great use and his family started to take him a little more seriously as a shipwright seeing how he fought with such passion to keep not just his own ships safe but his families as well.

It was on his 26th birthday that Sylafen chose to join the navy so he could stop criminals of the world from constantly stealing ships, this way it would also be easier for him to get a ship sold to the Navy ready for battle.

The only other thing he wanted to do was surpass his father as a shipwright to prove himself a better shipwright, but he knew that such a task would take time.


Skilled Shipwright - Spending his entire life around tools, workmen, ships and various tools of the trade, Etchy picked up a fair bit of knowledge and soaked up the information about the ways to build a ship from the sheer company he'd always been in and very quickly saw the fun side of the trade and took on a very keen interest in building the ships too. Taking from his father, Etchy couldn't wait to be just like him and before long even better than him.

Inventive -  Always wanting to out do his father Etchy has allot of ideas on how to upgrade parts of the ships, change parts, make them stronger, better and even faster. Always trying to figure out ways to get things working better he loves being able to show his father not just what he's been capable of completing but also what he can do to help him with his ships too.


Weapon: Ocean Knot

Weapon Description: The Ocean Knot is a shield crafted from an old anchor. The shield is perfect in its form, however it looks like a crushed horribly deformed fat anchor which has been made flat. It is silver in colour with a stunning gleam to it. Slightly convex it is fitted with a strap on the other side allowing for Etchy's arm to slip into and hold on for dear life. There is a brown leather strap connected from side to side too allowing it to be sipped straight on and sit on his back.

Weapon Special Abilities:

Titanium - The shield is made from titanium meaning it is non magnetic and incredibly tough able to stand not just the test of time but also a hell of a beating and retain its shape with relative ease.

Leather Strap - The shield is equipped with a strap allowing for it to be carried on Etchy's back with such ease, however it also doubles as an extra reach for his shield to be stretched out to deal out a beating or even used as a shield to deflect things out of Etchy's normal reach.

Weapon History:
The Ocean Knot is a shield that was crafted when Etchy turned 16. He started to see how frequent attacks had been on himself and his family due to their trade and understood that protecting himself and family would be useful. He'd never been a violent person and couldn't ever muster up the thought of piercing someone with a blade or blasting them away with a projectile. But he loved the idea of battle ships. Seeing it as something very different and less personal he decided if he were to craft a tool to defend himself and his family it should be a shield which he crafted from what was left during a slow day. The family had been hard at work taking apart an old dilapidated ship and the only bits left were broken or not yet used one of which was the anchor that Etchy snatched up and begun to hammer into shape. After a couple of hours the anchor begun to take shape but in the weeks that would come the anchor was perfected made to look shiny new, strong, dependable and even fitted with a brace for Etchy to grip it and a strap for him to sling it over his shoulder and carry it on his back.

Combat Information

Weapon Based Combat:

Ocean Knot

Ocean Knot
This is when Etchy takes up the Ocean Knot shield on to his left arm ready for defensive purposes or attack.

Ocean Knot: Skimmer
Using his shield like a stone skimming on the lake, Etchy throws his shield in much the same way allowing it to skim along the ground til it hits its intended target from low to the ground.

Ocean Knot: Friction Shark
Spinning the wheel with such force that it rolls forwards only to roll backwards once it reaches a certain point, the Ocean Knot picks up more and more speed since being released only to return after hitting its mark given that it can still roll along the ground. Due to the force however it picks up heat due to friction.

Ocean Knot: Tsunami Pounder
Charging towards an opponent with the Ocean's Knot raised Etchy charges full on into them knocking them off balance thrusting all of his force behind the impact.

Ocean Knot: Shark Fin
Launching the Ocean Knot like a Frisbee it shoots towards its intended target sideways ready to deliver a world of hurt thanks to it's titanium material.

Ocean Knot: Turtle Wave
Much like spinning a hoola hoop around Etchy uses his body to spin the Ocean Knot around his body via the leather strap continuously picking up the pace till it becomes a blur so he can use it as a protective shield as he runs head long into danger without a worry or a fear of taking too much damage from oncoming attacks less they be quick or devastating enough to render his defense useless.

Haki: N/A

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Approved Re: Sylafen Etchy

Post by Vaetric on December 6th 2017, 22:30



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