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Eran Masters

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Approved Eran Masters

Post by Sweet Dreams on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:44 pm

General Information

Name: Eran Masters
Epithet: Golden Rose/Iron Angel
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue
Species: Birkan
Orientation: Left-Handed

Occupation: Navigator/Swordswoman
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed:

Allegiance: Pirate/Revolutionary
•End the underground trade on slavery
Learn more about her People and Skypeia 
Vist Skypeia
Find someone who will accept her and her demons
Take down the World Government and World Nobles

Character Information



A tall and slender woman standing at 5'11 it's easy to see Eran is very pretty with light lavender hair that ends just over her shoulders and a pricing ice blue eye that seemed to show her hardships. Where her right eye should be she has it covered by a black eye patch with a blooming golden rose on it. The lost of her eye was just one of the many reminders of her years of hardship. Like all Birkan, Eran was born with their downwards pointing wings so unlike the other two races of Skypiea although they are larger than average. But while the right wing is a large downy white, the left a prosthetic replacement, made of metal and gears, a large number of burn scars also covered her back.Because of this, she keeps them hidden beneath her clothing, normally a white button-up shirt and a dark purple hood with the image of a pair of skeletal angel wings on the back. On her legs, she normally wears a pair of tight-fitting shorts or jeans for easy movement and sneakers or heeled boots on her feet. She wears gloves on her hands, buckles on them to keep them secure, she wears them not only to keep her grip on her sword but also to hide the branding on the back of her left hand, the symbol that marks her property, the mark of a slave.

Personality: Quiet is one word you could use to describe Eran, though this is not because of her being shy or anything it is mostly she only speaks when spoken to or when something important must be said. One way to get her talking is talking about treasure or the fabled Skypiea both can get her talking for hours.While she looks like a normal girl outside of battle, this melts away to show her cold-hearted ruthless in battle. She will often look for weaknesses in a persons stance or attacks before truly going all out against them.This mostly comes from her attention to small details, her tendency to notice the smallest mistakes, the tiniest thing out of place for her.

This doesn't mean she is a heartless person, no far from it as the tears of a child or pleas of a woman can often melt her heart,She wants to make the world better and if that means saving a single life, saving a town from the twisted and heartless she would offer her life instead.
It is not uncommon to see Eran gazing up at the sky be it day or night many see this as her searching for the tiniest sign of storms to come but it is only the half truth, she would search the clouds and wonder if her people were up there, if she had family that had stayed when her ancestors had come down.For even though she had no power of flight she could feel in her heart that the heavens call to her.

Due to her past, Eran is no stranger to fear, her greatest being a fear of fire and being caged, to once again be put in chains again.
Character History

Background: Eran was born to a man and his wife in East Blue, both of them Birkan, their ancestors having descended from Skypiea long ago. Eran was born two weeks earlier then she was due, her mother said she just couldn't wait to see the world. Her father had always wanted a son, someone who could carry on the family name and bloodline, but to his sadness, Eran was born a girl, as beautiful as her mother but a girl none the less. Much Of Eran's early life was filled with abuse for this, her father felt disgraced, turned to a life of drink. He had wanted a boy, someone who could carry on their name and bloodline. Even blaming the mother saying more than once she must have been unfaithful. Then when she was 8 she lost her eye one night after one of his drunken rants, the smashing of a bottle sent flying towards her sent glass into her eye blinding it. After this she left she ran away, she knew her mother wouldn't leave him after all love makes one blind.

So stealing a small fishing boat with nothing more to her name the days worth of food and water she had packed and the clothes on her back. This would be her first time navigating and while it didn't go well it wouldn't be the last. Her days worth of food and water soon ran out and even more, days had passed with no new land in sight. Then just as it seemed the poor girl would die out on that tiny fishing boat staring up at the sky the sun beating down on her blinding her still good eye with the harshness it possessed. But then it changed She wasn't sure how long she had been out, or when it was she had even passed out but she found herself in darkness the cool refreshing taste of water against her cracked dry lips was the first thing she felt,then her eyes focused on the figure holding the cup,and by instinct she flinched away, for a single moment one terrifying moment she thought it was her father. But as she knocked the cup away she realized this man was not the monster that was her father, no this mans eyes were much too kind.
This would be her first meeting with the man she would spend the next decade learning from, a man shed call more of a father then her real one had been. He was a merchant ship captain who had found her adrift that day and is it the bandaged eye or her bruised and beaten form being baked by the sun he took pity on her. Over the years he taught her many things, from knots to sword fighting, to storm prediction how to tell when a storm was brewing and even how fierce it could become by feeling the winds, watching the waters or even using her wings . as she grew older she became his successor.  But all that came to an end the night they were attacked by slavers, their goods stolen and the crew that fought back was killed including the captain. She was captured, her worth stripped from her with the brand burned into the back of her hand. She would spend years back in a familiar hell of beatings and hopelessness. For ten long years, she was a slave and for a long time, she thought this was the universe balancing out, after all the good years she had on the ship with the man who treated her better than her own blood did.

Countless times she tried to escape, finding ways to pick locks sometimes with bits of metal or pins or even small bones from the food she got. But years of lock picking and her noticing of small details made her good at finding a way to open a just about any lock new or old, big or small.

It was with her final escape attempt she gained her freedom but at a cost. She had picked her chain's lock for the thousandth time, she knew what way to got to avoid any guard or the master. But the surprise that waited for her was not one she expected. A roaring flame burst from the door the heat so intense it felt as if her skin would melt but still this was the only way out was through the inferno. So swallowing her fear she rushed through and she had gained her freedom but not without a cost as fast as she was going it couldn't save her from falling debris, a piece of flaming wood clipped her wing, her soft downy feathers easily catching aflame. But be it the adrenaline of being seconds from death or the idea of being free but she didn't notice the pain

But in the end, she made it out and was able to put out the flames first it didn't seem so bad but the injuries soon grew worse no matter how hard she tried to clean hem and soon lost the wing altogether. One would think looking a wing would be no problem, but unlike birds, the  Birkan's and their cousin's wing bones were not hallow and as such had weight. To her, it was not only like if she lost a limb but also threw off her balance. So she had a replacement made, one of metal and gears to have similar movements as the other wing.Then she realized she could use this as a weapon in combination with her sword work.

: Navigational Prediction: Thanks to years of learning from a seasoned sailor not only the basics of navigation and map reading but how to watch the waves and sky and even feel the winds for the changes they bring.

Lock Picking: Over the decade she was in chains Eran learned the ins and outs of picking all kinds of locks. 

Basic mechanics: Since the loss of her wing Eran has had to learn how to take it apart and put it back together as well as to make sure all the parts are in working order.


Weapon: Sword

Weapon Description: A blackish blue blade that looks heavier then it is, within gear shaped hand guard, other than these two strange features its nothing more than a normal sword.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: Was bought shortly after she escaped her captures from a bargain barrel of swords. The dirty battered thing looked much better after a few hours of elbow grease and polish

Weapon: Wing blades

Weapon Description: A metal prosthetic wing with moveable gears and detachable blades that can double as throwing knives. The other wing has a similar cap that fits over the wing with more detachable blades lining it as well.

Weapon Special Abilities: N/A

Weapon History: The prosthetic was originally used to help counterbalance the remaining downy appendage before it was slightly altered to become a weapon and a cap also made for the remaining wing to become a secondary weapon.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat: Sheild of Faith: Bring in her wings she uses the metal to block attacks from behind.

Heaven's Judgement: Taking a few of the sharpened blades of her metal wing she jumps high into the air and throws them down in a cone shape aiming if not the body then anything that can pin them in place.

Vicious Feint: She charges at her enemy goading the enemy to make a straight attack. At the last moment, she spins and bats the attack away with her wing and uses the momentum of the charge and the turn to make a brutal thrust against a now open guard.

Fan of Knives: Facing more than one enemy she will stretch out her wings using them both as a defence but also attacking with them as she makes them focus on her sword strikes.

Haki: N/A
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Approved Re: Eran Masters

Post by Deviant on Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:39 pm

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