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The Clockwork Pirates

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Approved The Clockwork Pirates

Post by Deviant on January 3rd 2018, 02:56

The Clockwork Pirates
"Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock Mother F**ker"

Born out of ferocity, with time constantly ticking away these guys are the crew to bring all others to shame from any which way ready to take the world by storm. Deranged, disturbed & disastrous the Clockwork crew are a living nightmare just waiting to happen in the great big blue and the minds of the everyone who dares oppose them. With little to no fear There's not much stopping them than good old mother time her very self.

Crew Name: The Clockwork Pirates-(時計の海賊 | Tokei no kaizoku)

Crew Motto: "Tick-Tock like the beats of a heart each step is another closer to death"

Crew Theme Song:

Crew Ship: Time Goes

Crew Roster
"Chamber Of Cogs"

Captain | Doctor
Wilfred Cyckes
"Mad Cog"
(マッドコ / Maddokogu)
• Strategist
• Acrobatics
• Surgery Style
Orobas Onslaught

Bounty :0

Genzo Noroi (★)
"Arctic Demon"
(北極の悪魔 / Hokkyoku no akuma)
• Stealth
• Ittoryu  | Nitoryu | Santoryu

Bounty :0

Annabelle Khananshivili (★)
"Teddy Bear"
(テディベア / Tedibea)
• Flexibility & Reflexes
• Culinary Prowess
• Insatiable Hunger
• Stealth

Bounty :30,700,050
Navigator | Thief
Maka Risin (★)
(利尿薬 / Rinyō kusuri)
• Navigational Prowess
• Proficient Thief

Bounty :0

Shougen (★)
"Shougen Spider"
(ショーゲンスパイダー / Shōgensupaidā)
• Long Arm | Leg Genetics

Bounty :0

Total Crew Bounty: 30,700,550

Crew Goals
"It's Our Time"

Wilfred Cyckes's Goals
"Mad Cog"

Start his own crew
Discover a cure for everything
Help his crew accomplish their goals
Become the Pirate King

Genzo Noroi's Goals
"Arctic Bandit"

Collect all the cursed swords
Master One | Two | Three Sword Style
Possibly quit smoking
Defeat the bandit who stole his weapons
Find it in his heart to forgive Charlene Noroi
Protect Charlene Noroi & her reputation

Annie Khananshivili's Goals
"Teddy Bear"

Cure her Allodynia
Be able to touch people without pain
Carve her name into history
Find Love
Have a family she never really had
Make a meal as good as her nanny's

Maka Risin's Goals

Find a place she is wanted
Stand against the Navy

Shougen's Goals
"Shougen Spider"

To survive
To find nakama
Find his parents

"Taking Our Time"

The Time Goes Ship
The Time Goes (★) is a frigate ship with a monkey on the front seen sitting at the front which is the figure head. There are three cannons on either side and two cannons beside one another at the front between the money's legs. The ship has a kitchen towards the back with a spiral stair case & a dumbwaiter leading down to a dining room. Then there is a male & female room on either side then a bathroom at the end of the corridor. The crow's nest is a large round clockwork cog which works via a mechanical winch allowing it to be raised and lowered quickly & easily. Topping it off is the Clockwork Pirate Jolly Roger. There are two anchors on the Time Goes. One on either side each at the back of the ship. Both are shaped like the jolly roger and coloured in yellow.

Thread History
"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"

Tick-Tock Saga

Tick-Tock! - In Progress

Crew Rules
"Even Clocks Have Manuals"

So 'ere be some codes for the Clockwork Pirates, simple rules to follow:

First: Plain and simple, respect each other, (user wise) characters can argue & fight like Zoro & Sanji not members. Just take it to PMs if you got a problem, and remembering terms of rp you are free to do what you like just don't take the piss and do something just for the sake of doing it to annoy another user and ruin the story line just cause you think it'd be your character's personality type to destroy the plot. >.>

Secondly: Posting. Post when you can but don't take the piss. If you do not post for a week without any legit reason being given at all, such as being online and just not posting. Control of your character will be controlled by me. (And trust me you don't want that) If this continues for a maximum of 2 weeks, then your character will just be left on a turtle in the middle of the sea left to drown. (Sorry but its an RPing site.)

Thirdly: Always try to post a decent sized post and give other user's something to work with in their next post. Cause no one wants to read. "Ringo slashed the old man across the throat and watched him die" I mean come on, thats like using 1 tenth of the brain power I use to wiggle my big toe. (Can't really wiggle the little ones.)

Fourth: Less of a rule more of a simple side note. If you wish to let someone else know a certain something in the thread then either post a spoiler in the post with important information and please remember to colour it. Or post ((OOC: [Insert message here] ))
OOC=Out Of Character (Just for those that didn't know)

"The Hands Of Time Will Pick You Up"

Looking for cogs to get this clock working!

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Approved Re: The Clockwork Pirates

Post by Scarecrow on January 3rd 2018, 08:31

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