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Alexis Delincourt

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Approved Alexis Delincourt

Post by Alexis DeLincourt on February 8th 2018, 02:59

General Information


Name: Alexis DeLincourt
Epithet: the White witch
Age: 20
Gender: female
Birthplace: unknown but grew up on amazon lily
Species: Three-eye tribe
Orientation: right handed

Occupation: Marine/navigator, recuit
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed
Allegiance: Marines

* To fufill her mothers wish and read all the poneglyphs
* to find someone that will not find her disguisting and discriminate her due to her third Eye
* to become a marine
* to find her father if hes still alive

Character Information

" stop staring at my Eye Before you lose yours"



 Alexis wears a flowing kimino that is white in color and lines of purple and gold. Her hair flows to under her knees, glistening pearly white. For some unknown reason she was born with white eyes and white pupils as if she were blind. As well as her eyes being white, her skin is also such. It appears to be cold and pale and make some people Think she is an albino wich she is not. 

Alexis can come off as a rather Cold and ruthless personality this is due to the fact that she hides her emotions due to years of bullying. She wowed to herself that if they saw her as a monster then she would become one. Truth to be told she is a very loving caring and empathic person she specially loves animals. After joining the marines she have opened up a Little but she is still very introvert and maintains her ruthless attitude specially during missions.

Character History


Alexis  was born to her mother Suki and father Rikaru. However, as she grew up she did not know much of her father or so to put it no males at all. Her mother had seeked refugee on amazon lily to get away from all the hatred for the three eye tribe, but not before she had met a young marine that she fell for and that had knocked her up. long story short shortly after she arrived at amazon lily she gave birth to a baby girl named alexis.
Her mother everyday urged her to train to become more stronger in hopes for her in the future to leave Amazon Lily and become a well known person throughout the world and change the view on their tribe. This however didn’t affect alexis much as she did not want fame. 

Soon, years would pass and Alexis learned many things. The woman of amazon lily seeing past her third eye and heritage and saw her for the person she really was. She learned how to read and write and how to do math, a old amazonian even taught her how to navigate a ship and read the weather, and of course like all females on amazon lily she was trained in combat. She also was taught about her tribe from her mother who  wished that one day her daughter would be able to change how others viewed them.
Though, the more she trained she became distant from her mother ignoring her tutoring to venture in the forest of their land.  she ventured into the forest of Amazon Lily to play with the animals like she always did. But, she had heard a scream. The voice of her mother. Running to the beach she had come face to face with a giant shark like creature eating her whole. Being far from civilization and being weak herself. alexis only watched as her mother was killed in front of her eyes. A single letter was later found in their hut telling her about her father and the males alone and where to find her father if need be. Almost as if it was a goodbye letter. After her mothers death she focused soley on training wowing to herself to never be helpless like that again. she also wowed to fufill her mothers dream.
it was around this time or rather during one of her trips into the forest to play with the animals she found a strange fruit she ate due to hunger. 

She was 14 when she ate the fruit. during this time changes.. happend in her body and she was sent to an old woman that would tell her about the changes happening in her body as she was growing to become a woman, however they grew quite fond of eachother and seeing the long beutiful white hair the girl had she decided to pass down some techniques she had mastered during her travels before she returned to the island. And this was how she slowly learned how to manipulate her hair.

At the age of 18 she left the island of Amazon Lily in order to find her father, but was captured by a group of pirates that took her hostage. They tried to do things to her but with thanks to her training and the powers of her devil fruit she managed to hold them off. Due to her power the pirates locked her up in a Cage, this was also the waking call that she did have some weird Powers not knowing it came from the devil fruit thinking it was from her Three Eye heritage.

As the pirates sailed to the blues a thunder storm had formed in the sea. Destroying the ship and most of its crew. As the ship was torn to pieces so was the cage that held alexis. the last thing she remembers is the ship shinking and then waking up on a beach. The beach was that of a island which held a marine base. Seeing as she had nowhere else to go Alexis applied for the marine exams something she didn’t even know existed and quickly became a marine due to both her expertise in combat and her apethetic mind that allowed her to not fall in battles. During theese time she also started to experiment with the powers that once saved her from the pirates and despite thinking she was rather secretive about it the higher ups in the marines realized she posessed a devil fruit.

Though, these exams were long and hard taking a total of two and a half years to complete, only becoming a marine at age two years during wich she was constantly bullied due to her third eye causing her to grow more cold and ruthless.

now having graduated becoming a marine the higher ups realized she would be troubles but her skills and devil fruit would make her even more trouble if she ever was to become a pirate, so they put her on  a ship under the command of another trouble maker a young captain.


tessenjutsu: a rather unique fighting style based on using fans.
Navigator: she is a very skilled navigator partly due to her devil fruit but also natural talent
Life return. hair manipulation: she have learned how to harden and manipulate her hair for combat.
probally due to her third Eye but she cannot only feel winds she can actually see it


"it would be a shame if you where blown overboard by a strange gust of wind wouldent it
DO NOT touch my things"

Weapon: war fan
Weapon Description:

a very detailed and deadly work of art. looking like a normal fan beside the fact that the ribs have a small needle like blade that can protrude from it for use in combat.
Weapon Special Abilities: made from a very lightweight yet durable as steel thee fan can be used as deadly weapon and as a shield if the user is skilled enough. Or just be used to get some relif on hot days
Weapon History: given to alexis by an old woman who was one of her trainers on amazon lily. As a parting gift.

Besides the fans she carry around the usual things given to a marine for survival but also several bottles of shampoo that helps her keep her hair strong and healthy. a gift from the old woman.

Devil Fruit Information

"i swear i have seen her swim its impossible she posess a devil fruit
(the Words of a villager after she seemingly swimmed ashore on their island"

Devil Fruit Name: kumo kumo no mi
Devil Fruit Type: logia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities: the fruit grants its devourer the ability to Control wind and cloud
Devil Fruit Weaknesses: seastone, water, haki

Combat Information


Unarmed Combat:

Weapon Based Combat:

Alexis DeLincourt

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Approved Re: Alexis Delincourt

Post by Deviant on February 9th 2018, 16:47

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