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Mishi Hasimoh

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Mishi Hasimoh

Post by Vaetric on February 13th 2018, 15:14

General Information

Name: Mishi Hasimoh
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Birthplace:  South Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Left Handed
Occupation:  Fence / Occasional Pirate
Bounty: http://i.stack.imgur.com/0mvFA.gif[/img] 7,500,000
Crimes Committed:  Underground connections, laundry, racketeering, piracy, escape from custody, evasion from Justice, assault of an agent.
Allegiance: Pirate.
To find and beat up Takao and Billy.
Become the richest woman in the world.
To remove her bounty.

" />

Character Information

Appearance:  Over the last year, Mishi has grown. She once definitely belonged to the female area in terms of gender, but now her somewhat more muscular stature has put a damper on that. However, she still has her light pin hair, which has grown slightly down to her waist. She no longer falls behind her persona, having had to embrace the fact that she stands out a little, no longer using sunglasses and keeping to her prescription ones. Where her business suits were loose fitting, they are now somewhat more tugged for her form. She often keeps the upper buttons of her shirts opened, revealing her lower neck and collar bone, but not much else.
Her face has become more angular, with a pointed chin, her lips looking larger as a result. Her arms have grown out a bit, once again having become more muscular than before. However, she is still somewhat slender and lean. She has grown as well, from five foot six all the way up to six foot five, her time in the Grand Line having done her some good physically. She looks more confident, most likely stemming from her Devil Fruit. When using her fruit, she practically loos the same, albeit polygonised and sparkly as a diamond.
Mishi used to be a person of cowardice and panic. She’s still that, but she still has some amount of  bravado due to having survived the Grand Line and returned to the Blues, enjoying her mentality of being a big fish in a small pond. However, upon being confronted by a person stronger than her, she’ll promptly withdraw. This can range from when the marines come knocking, to an unhappy customer. She likes to read, from novels to a book on facts to great epics, she often reads while waiting for a potential business partner to come along.

She has a good eye for quality, and as per her job, if she would come across an unsuspecting brute who has no idea he has an item of some serious cash, of course she'd try and rip him off with but a fraction of its true worth. She has a love-hate relationship with her fruit. On one hand, it turns her into an extremely valuable substance and makes her almost invincible. On the other, it’s not the fruit she’s always wanted, the IQ fruit. She dislikes being at sea and if on a boat she would make the fetal position in some secluded part of the ship and hope it doesn’t sink.

If caught by the marines, she would often have a nervous breakdown, claim that they were harassing her and try to escape with any means possible. If cornered, she may fight back. In fact, unlike before, she will fight back if she sees no other option, finding safety in her devil fruit and Grand Line strength. She isn't below bribing people at all, often offering her capturers more than a few beli in exchange for her release. The last thing she wants is a large bounty, or, an even larger bounty. Therefore, she’ll only incapacitate Marines that attack her, rather than kill.

" />

Character History

Mishi was born the eldest child of a rather wealthy merchant whom had been known to have dubious connections, but as a kid, of course she did not understand them. And, of course; the merchant had wanted a son. She had always wanted to show her worth and please her father, but two years after her birth, another child made its way into the family, and unlike her; it was a boy. The father would prefer to converse and pander to the child, while the nanny and mother took care of Mishi. Rather than sit down and learn how to knit, she decided that rather than try to gain her fathers' appraise simply by being his daughter, she would try to impress him. She began to learn how to read, and write; at the age of five, driven by jealousy and, strangely, hope; for she hoped that she could gain his affections one day, hope that she would be able to make him happy, and then SHE would be the one, sitting there, next to her father at one of his meetings, he would introduce HER to the other merchants and they would treat HER as an equal, rather than just a thing to smile at, wave or ignore on their way to the boardroom.

At the age of ten, she had been appraised by her mother and various baby-sitters for her writing skill, and her intellect at her age. She ignored her brother most of the time, shutting herself away in the library to continue with her study, while he went to play. It was different soon, though. Her father came into the library with the brother, patting him on the shoulder and telling him that it was time to begin studying. She was sitting on one of the large chairs, so he couldn't see her. He told him about how he would inherit his business, his 'empire'. Of how he would bring his father great joy as he sat in retirement. Her brother asked what would happen to her, she couldn't see what he did, but she guessed that he shrugged. He then said the words she had never hoped to hear. "I'll marry her off, maybe.". Announcing that he would start tomorrow, they left the room. Her hands quivered, as she set down her pen, just sitting there. How could he forgo her years of studying? She began studying three winters before her brother had even began to learn to write. And he had the... The... Tears began to flow freely down her face. It was her fault, she was too wrapped up in studying she forgot what she was studying for ages ago. The affection of her father? To take his business empire? What was it all for? It felt like just one of the novels she read at night, she was just going to be wed off to some husband, and she wouldn't like it. She would try to fight it, and the prince or hero would come along and save her. There would be no hero. She never went outside of the mansion. She was no princess, in fact, she didn't even know how well-known her father was. She steeled herself, picking up the pen once more, she continued to study non-stop until she read herself to sleep.

By the age of fourteen she understood math equations and had a shrewd mind for business. Finally emerging from the library, leaving her bored, lazy brother; who she was quite sure was making another paper aeroplane behind. She made her way to her fathers' room. Opening the doors, he blinked at her as she walked over to him, and set her book down. It was the fruits of her labour, complicated maths problems, business propositions, what to settle in, geographical locations best suited for crops, by now she was sure she was smarter than most of the males in the house, or even on the island that she had never explored. Flipping over the pages, her father had raised an eyebrow, before smiling at her. He told her that she could attend the next meeting if she wanted, and her whole world lighted up, hugging him, she skipped to her room, leaving confused servants, for she never behaved like this before, she felt like the heavens had opened up to her. She opened a window, and looked out of it for the first time in.. Goodness knows how long, and smiled.

She had finally gotten into one of the meetings, sitting herself down, she nodded in respect to all of those whom had attended. To be honest, she thought they looked a little bit... Shadier than she remembered, but she introduced herself anyways to them, as they began with profit margins, the market on crops, shaking down the farmers... Threatening them... Stealing from.. other merchants... What? She blinked at her father; he kept pushing his index finger against her mouth each time she tried to question what was happening. Eventually, he announced that he was going to teach her how to "fence", she remembered reading about a sword style fencing, but it seemed out of place to what they were talking about. He then said that he would place her into the company, nodding slowly, she guessed that was what she wanted all along, but it felt kind of... Sour. It turned ou that the company wasn't what she thought she was, even if she didn't really know what it was to begin with, if that made sense. But... Whatever happened, she supposed she was happy, as she went into the private library with her father, and he showed her a book to read.

Five years later, at the age of nineteen, she had a fair knowledge on how the criminal underworld worked. She was ready for her first assignment, she had read the books, but all she needed now was the experience. Though, she wished she could get one thing before going out with it, the IQ fruit. She remembered it very well, in a (though outdated) devil fruit encyclopedia, without pictures as to what it looked like, though. It would heighten her IQ, sense other peoples' emotions... And for what? The loss of swimming? She couldn't swim to begin with! She would almost taste the fruit, though it wasn't a good thing. In all ways, in her line of work, it shouldn't be hard to find it on the black market or at least, find someone WITH it. She smiled as she stepped outside, and off to meet her client.

She was a fine fence indeed, she sold many a jewels and other valuables over the year, her future looked quite bright indeed, as her father even patted her on the back, though she couldn't shake off this feeling... One day, when she walked towards her fathers' study, she found a man next to him, he looked all right, she supposed, dark hair, nice smile. He introduced him to be her husband.

Mishi was running. She didn't climb the ladder, make all of the transactions and so on just to be some guy's wife. No. She wasn't having it. He used her just for another one of his schemes. She should have remembered. She shouldn't have forgotten, and now; ironically, she WILL forget. Forget about her family. She knew she was being harsh with the whole situation, but... Still. She won't give up the life she knew so far just to make some other guy happy, call her selfish, or whatever you want, but it was time she started to look towards her own interests, she was too smart to just sit down and accept it. After hitching a ride with her previous earnings on a commercial ship, she soon found out that her family had placed a bounty on her, to be returned -alive- back to her house.  She couldn't use her own name anymore. She's had bad luck so far, she named herself Fortuna Adversa, which meant just that. She got herself prescription sunglasses and found herself as a petty criminal for a small ring of underground ones.

The man she worked under thought himself to be quite big, he was stationed in the north blue and lived on top of a mountain which hung precariously off the edge over the sea. He was fine, she was good, she gained some praise for her intellect when it came to robbery and heists, until another year later, when she was caught. Not only caught, but she was caught badly, with a few false charges on her, for there was another crime ring around, and they rigged the entire operation, set fire to the bank, and guessed where all of the blame went to? She was eventually broken out of prison, to which she had gained a bounty on her head for doing so, she never quite allowed them to take off her sunglasses for the few hours she had to spend in there, they allowed her to keep it on under the argument that they were prescription, however, when it came to her mugshot; she had to duck, weave, kick and do anything within her meagre power to dance around her guards before the wall shook, and the prison break-out began with her boss at the lead. In the end, they DID manage to take them off, but she was given new ones, and the only picture they could get of her was afterwards, with her running away with the rest of the "gang".

She was marched up to the mountain, still in chains, which she was quite suspicious about, and they sat her down in the middle of the room. The boss had told her that she had failed him, blah blah blah. She probably shouldn't have been so carefree, though. She could have died right there and then, though... They decided to crush her spirit instead. He held up a weird-looking fruit, and told her it was the fruit she had been said she would want nothing more for than in the entire world when she first entered the ring. The IQ fruit. He said that he didn't want the mistake of being arrested to ever happen again, allowing her to taste its vulgar flavor. After she had taken a bit, he snapped his fingers and his subordinates tied ropes around her upon the chair, and then he placed a respirator-like mask with a tank of oxygen around it. Grinning at her, she asked what he was doing, he just replied that he was making sure that he could have complete faith. He would break her spirit for punishment. "See you in a few days." and the door beneath her opened up.

She fell.

She fell down into the sea, it wasn't too deep, but she felt weakened, she couldn't do anything, she couldn't use her new-found IQ powers to find a way out of it, she didn't feel different at all, all she could do, was feel weak, terrified and watch the fishes swim around her. Panic settled in as she reached the bottom, as she was subjected to terror, and some kind of craving for something she didn't even understand what she was craving for. After what felt like an eternity, she was hoisted up by the same man who subjected her to it. He was right, he had broken her spirit, she felt like dirt, and it was even worse when he told her that it wasn't even the IQ fruit she had gotten at all, it was just some vulgar-tasting fruit. They probably injected her with some kind of muscle-weakener or something. It soon wore off, and her fever settled in, which kept her bed-bound for a week, her boss speaking to her like he would a naughty child, trying to tell her that it was for her own good. Now that she didn't feel like hell, a burning anger rose forth from her, and once again; as she worked for him "faithfully", she eventually found a way to escape, and popped into the first ship she found, albeit uncomfortable due to the terror of being put into the sea again, and she didn't even have a mask to protect her. All she had, was a nice, large bag of beli she stole from the boss, who was probably screaming in anger by now.
[Old Site / O.P.M Rundown]
After a few more run-ins with the law, Mishi came across a person named Takao, and then Billy. They had a few adventures across the Blues, having to face Marines, gangsters and pirates alike. Eventually however, they escaped onto a commercial/marine/government ship to the Grand Line. After beating up Takao a few times for his mistake, they had yet more adventures in which she grew stronger, somewhat braver and more annoyed that she was there at all. However, to her delight, she was able to gain yet more underworld contacts. The friction between her, Takao and Billy came to a head when one incident ended in Billy accidently shoving a devil fruit in her mouth. With her eating it by reflex. After beating up Takao and Billy further, she decided to leave them, as they had messed up her plans with their shenanigans, leaving them and returning to the Blues. On her way home, she found some amount of appreciation for her fruit. However, the fact that they took away her dream of having the IQ fruit left her yet still annoyed- annoyed that she didn’t beat up the duo more.
Grandline Survivor: Mishi, having survived up to and in the Grand Line, is tougher than she looks, also having managed to crawl back to the Blues. She is strong, has high strength, dexterity and speed but most of all, she is tough to take down even without her devil fruit. She can withstand enormous amounts of damage before falling unconscious, though this is mostly for comedic relief, as she WILL most likely take hits from the shenanigans of others, should her strength ever go to her head.
Sharp Eyed: Years spent in paranoia has honed Mishi’s eye for danger. If anyone’s acting suspiciously in her presence, she’ll most likely see it unless they’re rather experienced at it. However, this comes with a downside, as she may decide someone’s suspicious even when they actually aren’t.
Heavy Sleeper: So much so that this could be considered an ability. Mishi can sleep through almost anything, barring of course significant physical harm. She can and will most likely sleep through a beating, due to her outstanding resilience.
" />


Weapon:  Flintlock Pistol
Weapon Description:  Rather standard, sometimes malfunctions.
Weapon Special Abilities:  It sometimes malfunctions, rendering it unable to shoot until reloaded.
Weapon History: She brought it from a shop at half price.
" />

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name: Hoju Hoju Mi (Gem Gem Fruit) (Based on Jozu’s Fruit, expanded.)
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia
Devil Fruit Mastery Level: 1
Devil Fruit Abilities: The Gem Gem fruit allows the user to turn parts of their body into precious minerals, from copper to diamond. This fruit allows one to turn into native minerals, but not metals. While the gems they turn into may be cut (shaped like the user), the ones they turn into metals aren’t, and are therefore rough and coarse, able shred but not cut skin. Each Gem may have different properties and uses, which are to be placed in the Devil Fruit fighting style tab. For example, diamonds are extremely durable and is able to reflect light, while silver has the best electrical and thermal conductivity. Gems may also bring mental changes to the user as well, depending on the gem.
Level 1:
-The user may turn their body into any kind of gem.
-The user is able to turn up to one quarter of their body into a precious mineral.
-Gems are more faithful to the users’ body, able to replicate its approximate shape. If the user loses a piece in gem form, they gain the appropriate damage in the flesh arm, unless the chip can somehow be fixed.
-Forming their body into precious minerals takes time, and therefore it takes one post for the user to fully form a body part into a mineral.
Level 2:
-The user may turn parts of their body into any kind of gem or unrefined metal.
-The user is able to turn up to half of their body into a precious mineral.
-Gems are more faithful to the users’ body, able to replicate its approximate shape.
-Metals are less faithful to the users’ body, unrefined and coarse.
-Metals may now be broken off somewhat less harmfully, allowing the user to make the area dangerous with metallic dust.
-Forming their body into precious minerals takes time, although they may turn one body part instantly into minerals now, it takes a turn to turn a full half body into precious minerals.
Level 3:
-The user may turn parts of their body into any kind of gem or unrefined metal.
-The user is able to turn their entire body into a precious mineral. However, they are unable to act or use any of their senses until they turn their body back to normal. The experience is akin to petrification, unable to move, breathe, hear, smell, or see. However, they are able to think, and thus, they may turn back, and hope the danger has passed.
-Gems are more faithful to the users’ body, able to replicate its approximate shape. However, they are now able to be uncut, leading to more jagged and dangerous appearances. Furthermore, losing pieces no longer harms the user while in this form.
-Metals are less faithful to the users’ body, unrefined and coarse. However, they are now able to be refined, leading to look smoother, perhaps gain more properties and look more like the user.
-The user may now turn up to their entire body into minerals instantly.
Awakening: The user is able to turn non-sentient objects they touch into precious minerals, which is based on touch. As a master of their fruit, they are also able to turn certain parts of their body into gems, such as only a finger, to leaving the joints unprotected, that they are able to move while fully encased in whatever mineral they wish to be in, furthermore, they are not limited to just a one type of gem, able to use all gems on different parts of their body, now.
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
-Seastone. The user is unable to use their devil fruit while touching this substance.
-Water. The user is unable to use their devil fruit while submerged up to the ankles.
-Varies. Depending on the mineral used, each may have their own weaknesses to certain things, just as they have their strengths.
" />

Combat Information

Gems and Unrefined Metals:
Particular Gemstones
Diamond: As diamond is one of the hardest substances in the world, with seastone and the poneglyphs, it is almost indestructible if taken on directly. Furthermore, it is easily able to reflect light, thus attacks with light are dispersed when striking a diamond, most likely reflecting elsewhere. However, a weakness of the diamond is that it doesn’t chip. It either breaks completely, or not at all, furthermore it can be broken by materials equal to or stronger than it, as mentioned above. It greatly increases the user’s offensive and defensive capabilities. It is the most obvious choice for one to use. Furthermore, diamonds have a wide colour range, from pink (white) to the extremely rare red diamond. Mishi is drawn to it the most when in a fight. Diamond brings no mental changes to the user.
[Further ones to be made in RP.]
Misc Gemstones (Most of these are a placebo effect, and are as strong as eachother)
Turquoise: Mishi’s second most used gemstone, it is believed to attract money, success and love. She usually keeps it formed up as a pinky finger, or somewhere around her body.
Agate: Mishi uses this type of gemstone to deal with stress.
Apatite: As a communicator, it only makes sense for Mishi to use a gemstone associated with communication, it is said to aid stuttering and hypertension.
Aquamarine: Associated with courage and the removal of anxiety and fear, Mishi uses this whenever stuck on a ship, as it is also believed to protect sailors at sea, as well as remove seasickness. Albeit, Mishi was never seasick so it may just be a placebo effect.
Garnet is believed to attract good luck in business ventures, so Mishi keeps that in mind before visiting a client.
[To be expanded in RP.]
Unarmed Combat:
Run Away!: Mishi hightails it. If someone’s next to or near her, she may throw them at her pursuers as a form of defence.
Beat Up: Mishi only does this on friendlies when they’ve done something stupid, or enemies in which she’s sure she can defeat. She lands a comedic amount of blows upon a victim, most likely bruising them.
Megapunch: Often coupled while augmented by her devil fruit, she can do it all the same without it. She gives a strong punch to someone’s stomach, giving more than enough power behind it to send a regular human flying.
Weapon Based Combat: Other than firing her flintlock, N/A
Haki: N/A" />


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