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Post by Deviant on March 12th 2018, 13:36

East Blue, Orange Town:::.
Morning, 4:29::.


With the beginning of a new day and the sky above breaking into a new light citizens would wake, shops would open breakfast would be well on the way and it's sweet scents litter the streets as couriers would make their deliveries and beli would exchange hands. The seagulls above swooped in and out of the skies searching for food and the rats in the streets would be doing more of the same.

Currently on patrol in the streets of Orange town were the navy who sought out any crimes to stop and citizens to protect as it was their sworn duty and the best way to earn a promotion should they be successful. Scattered throughout the town notice boards held the latest information for not just current events in the town, but news for bounty hunters and marines alike.

The small crappy raft crafted from a figure head of a sunken ship was currently arriving at the docks to Orange town after hours stuck at sea. As the figurehead gently knocked into the wooden boards which made up the docks the leader of this band of misfits Josh Wynter was jolted awake. Feeling groggy and uncomfortable due to the peculiar shape of their make shift boat Wynter picked himself up stretching.

As each individual bone cracked it felt painful and good at the same time. Since the fight they'd been part of before hand which led them to this scenario Wynter had been mentioned by name as a captain of a crew. As much as he'd wanted exactly that he hadn't yet asked Lyceum or Eran about becoming members of his pirate crew. They'd been far too busy sorting out wounds & navigation which were two things he was pretty sure he'd need.

Climbing up and out of the figurehead which was on it's way out and not an ideal form of transport Wynter looked at Lyceum who looked much worse for wear as he'd been up all night steering their little boat.

Lyceum nudged Eran trying to wake her to inform her it was time for them to climb out. It was nice to finally be somewhere they could stretch their legs and get something to eat.

"It'll be nice to stretch our legs here. God knows I could do with it."

Reaching for a pain killer Lyceum launched two into his mouth and quickly swallowed as his back was killing him from the cramped conditions. He offered Eran his hand to help her from the raft as he had made his way to the floor boards of the dock.

"Hey guys, I'd never really thought about this before now, well, I did back when Maria mentioned it to me, but. You guys seem to be able to handle yourselves pretty damn well."

"You don't."

"Thanks. But anyway, I was wondering. Would you guys, fancy joining my pirate crew?"

"The crews just you right?"

"At the moment yea. But what do you say? Fancy turning the world upside down with me? Traversing the mighty blues? Conquering the world that's laid out before us? I could use a doctor and a navigator."


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Post by Sweet Dreams on March 15th 2018, 00:49

Eran groaned as she set up for their makeshift gratefully taking the offered hand Lyceum handed offered her with a tired but grateful smile. It had taken ages for the feathers on her wing to dry, the salt sticking to them made them itch and weighted down. Shed need a good bath and at least a good hour of preening to feel comfortable again. While on the raft she had been a bit too shy to do it in front of them, it was an act she had been raised to view as very intimate. So out of both pride and shyness, she went for a few more hours of uncomfortable half awake sleep.

She was pulled out her thoughts by the conversation Wynter and Lyceum were having about...joining his crew?

"Wait...So you are wanting us to join your crew when just hours before your rushing head into danger without a second thought almost gotten us eaten by a sea king? Or the fact I almost drowned? I saw the fucking light, Wynter!" She says in anger before taking a deep breath and sighed "Not to mention you don't even have a ship"

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Post by Deviant on March 15th 2018, 01:13

Eagerly awaiting a response from both Lyceum & Eran to his question about joining his crew as the sun bore down over the trio Wynter held a hopeful grin on his face that the two would say yes and something good would come of this. But when a few more seconds went by and no response came about Wynter's smile shrunk a little. Until of course when Eran seemed to snap out of her daze and open her mouth.

Wynter was just about ready to jump for joy when the tone came pounding down like a lightning bolt and the words came out with such ferocity he was wishing he'd not asked and just let the two of them wander off to where ever they wanted in this town to end his misery.

Eran made a few good points on the things she was saying especially the ship thing, which Wynter took to heart, dipping his head and looking slightly towards Lyceum he could sense the feeling was mutual. Nodding understandingly Wynter stepped aside and gestured towards the town which lay beyond the docks they'd landed at with the make shift ship that was no more.

"Those are, some pretty fair points."

"I think you just need to figure out some things first Wynter." Lyceum replied before he looked at Eran and removed one of his bottles of medication. Popping the cap off he handed her two pain killers as she looked to be in a little pain or discomfort.

"Okay, I'll take that on board. The town should be just up ahead guys, I'm probably just gonna wait here and think some stuff over."

Nodding Lyceum understood and patted Wynter on the shoulder before heading up the wooden planks into the town. He figured that the first thing he could do with was some proper food, despite not having any money he figured he might be able to snatch some from a stall.

"It's been nice knowing you guys and don't give up on your dreams." Lyceum said as he made his exit from Eran & Wynter.

Sitting on the edge of the docks and hanging his feet over the edge Wynter realised he couldn't act like the child he constantly kept acting like. He'd need to take some control over not just his own life but the lives of those around him as well.

Pick up the package and head to the address. That's all he said to do. I can handle that.

Walking down the path parallel to the docks the man with an eyepatch leather clothing and orange hair known as Kumatetsu was trying to get by. It wasn't often he took on jobs like this, but this time the job was easy and he was a little suspicious. Jobs were never this easy. Especially when they came from Colt Kuu.

He'd known him for going on 5 months now and he'd been a nice enough guy if not a little under handed, but he always gave Kumtetsu jobs of the recon type only to return and sabotage things. This time it was a little too simple. But he wasn't about to turn up his nose at it. The job was one that paid at least 5 times better than the last three jobs.

Holding the package in both hands before him he rattled it a little wondering what it might be. Shrugging his shoulders he continued down the path till he reached the notice board where it appeared there were a bunch of new notices up. Placing the crate on the ground he turned to look at the notices. Little did he know though the package hadn't been sealed properly. The side of the box fell open and it's contents rolled out.

A peculiar light grey looking banana. Due to it's shape it didn't roll very far but far enough to be snatched up without anyone noticing should they have the right skills.

Being the idiot he was Kumatetsu hadn't noticed this and continued looking over the notices. It appeared that Shang's still remained on the board from before Kumatetsu had arrived here and he was shocked that the guy had amassed such a big bounty and still hadn't been apprehended. Clearly he was something serious.


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