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what to say :/

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what to say :/

Post by Michael Cromwyll on March 13th 2018, 01:54

so heres a few things i noticed and i know it can be seen as complaints but i feel they need to be said anyways.

1 This is suppose to be a reset this is what both of us heard and been told. however yet people can just instantly get their old chars approved and be like kaidos and shit pretty much. instantly (yes a bit exaggerated) example is a devil fruit that despite flaws.. got pretty much insta approved clearly without having been properly read through. or how some still got benefits from the old site.
Solution: 2 staff members need to give approval to an app. Make sure its equal for all. i mean no one force people to be staff or such, they do it of their own free will so they can rp just like the rest, so rewarding them with well insane stuff like millions of belli and such are a bit.. iffy

2 favorism. it is understandable that well people are acting friendly towards eachother and such since well they know eachother from old site, however it is vital specially as staff to try make everyone feel welcome. and quite honestly it really dont feel like such for new members. example being private threads. and the private *crews* that seem to be going on now where some are not even asked if they would be intrested to join.
Solution: well this might be unconscious but maybe keep this in mind and try be more open minded and welcome towards new people.

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Re: what to say :/

Post by Deviant on March 13th 2018, 03:42

Damage Control

At the risk of certain aspects of this comment being ignored, challenged or igniting a response which escalates things I would like to clear things up here.

1/ Not once have I ever stated that this site is a reset in which everyone starts from the beginning in terms of abilities, strength etc etc. The most I have stated is that this site is a way of starting fresh with a different set of rules of which I believe would work better and of which I would like to go with instead of the old rules. For users who have brought over characters from the old site and kept them at the stage they were at I would like to say that if I was allowing characters to come over at that stage and not allowing new users to make characters who could be equal to them in terms of strength, abilities bounty etc then I would agree, it is unfair. However I have allowed new characters and characters of equal or greater strength, abilities, bounty etc...

Thus this complaint as I will be addressing it comes across as null and void in my eyes. In terms of things such as Beli, moderators were granted beli over the course of months due to their work in helping with the site as well which I believe has actually been mentioned before.

2/ In terms of favouritism, I would like to say that part of the reason for some applications being approved quicker than others will be down to size of the application, free time the mods have and even ability to converse with users outside of the site or even within the chatbox itself. Such as why certain apps have been able to gain approval very quickly and others not so much. For example my app Spike Avery took a while to be approved. Also there is a bump thread to post apps which are awaiting approval if they have not been graded after 24 hours as it can sometimes become rather irritating to nag mods to check apps due to real life being busy and the fact that mods do it for free off their own backs. For an example I would like to use this app. Alexis Delincourt there was no issues with this app in terms of taking forever to gain approval. In fact due to a matter of convenience of both mod and user online and in the chatbox at the same time. The app was approved fairly quickly with little to no problems. Any problems there were with the app were able to be handled quickly as well.

With some apps which have been looked at and approved it seems that there have been issues cropping up between things being read out of context and differences between preferences. The kind I mean are things such as yourself desiring more detail on certain topics whilst as far as some applications go, as long as there is a simple plausible explanation or bare bones of a description to it's capabilities, which at least makes some form of sense then the mods will be happy to approve it and if there are issues we will try to help find ways around it. Details about how things are used created etc should be for character sheets or the rp itself. It'd be a little boring reading a brief history about how long it took to hammer a shield which was a wall of text.

Addressing the next part I would like to make mention that because users are speaking about old characters, sites etc, I don't fully understand how this forms a problem. There has been mention about things the characters had done in their past, who they were and what they were capable of. Very much so like when either yourself or other users have spoken about things their characters accomplished on other sites. This wasn't something of which ruined my experience and I actually joined in the conversation about the character, thus I don't fully understand why we should be pulled up on something such as this when it is not a form of bullying, but instead a conversation in which we can enjoy conversing about. Otherwise I find this problem to be akin to something like getting mad at a work colleague because they are speaking about a television series I haven't watched with others.

3/ Private crews and threads? These must be super secret because even I don't know about these. However if you are referring to a thread I had which you offered to join on the ending post the reason I said no was because the thread was literally over and your character would've arrived to do nothing at all as the characters were literally on their way to their next journey. If the offer had been mid thread it would've been suitable and acceptable.

In terms of crews it is the decision of the owner of the crew who they'd like to accept and who they wouldn't. I tend to pick characters whom I feel fit in with the other characters of my crews hence why some of my characters aren't in certain crews and other user's characters I haven't offered positions to in my crews. However if I see users don't have characters of the correct allegiance I definitely won't offer them positions.

There is always the chance for yourself however to start your own crew.

I have however offered one of your characters to join one of my crews and I tend to offer all users the chance to rp should I have a free character and see that the user doesn't have anyone to rp with given they have an approved character. Thus the whole concept of secret threads, crews etc again comes across as null and void especially when there have been ample opportunities to engage with crews and threads. If the problem had been that users were genuinely going out of their way to push you aside and leave you out I would have taken this on board.

I would like to finish this with saying that I have bit my tongue a couple of times on a number of things because I do not get enjoyment from constant messages about certain things that a small fraction of users have a problem with especially when it is more so down to personal preference and it is something that has never cropped up as a problem before hand or something taken out of context etc... However if a problem were to occur that was a genuine design fault or which ruined things for numerous members I would take action to rectify it.

If any of these problems have upset you or angered you etc etc, then I will say I am sorry this site could not meet you requirements, but I wish you luck finding somewhere that does meet them.


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