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Blackjaw Pirates

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Approved Blackjaw Pirates

Post by Mystic on March 24th 2018, 10:53

"The Blackjaw Pirates are like a place you can never leave. Home. Give to the Blackjaw Pirates and the Blackjaw Pirates gives back."

The Blackjaw pirates are led by Victor Hawke, or known by his epithet "Blackjaw" who has created this crew in order to follow his ambitions, along with becoming somebody among the seas, while Victor uses this crew for his own ends, he also uses it's power and influence to fulfill the desires of anybody loyal within the crew, whether it's as high as finding the One Piece or as low as murdering someone. Whatever desire or goal you may have in mind, whether how light or dark it is, Blackjaw Pirates gladly extends it's hand to help it's loyal crew members.

Crew Name: Blackjaw Pirates

Crew Motto: "The time for fortune is at hand."

Crew Theme Song: TBA

Crew Ship: TBA

"The loyal members of Blackjaw, each with their own ambition."

Victor Hawke
(ブラックジャー /Burakkujā)
• Kage Kage no Mi
• Cybernetic Resilience
• Street Smarts/Criminology

Bounty :5,000,000
Navigator | Thief
Maka Risin
(利尿薬 / Rinyō kusuri)
• Navigational Prowess
• Proficient Thief

Bounty :0

Total Crew Bounty:

"Each member have their own goals and the Blackjaw Pirates will gladly deliver with each one, regardless of how small or big it is."

Victor Hawke's Goals

 Become more powerful
 Master his Devil Fruit
 Fame, become feared across the seas.
 Amass a loyal following.

Maka Risin's Goals

Find a place she is wanted
Stand against the Navy


Name of Ship

"How the mighty Blackjaw Pirates came to be."

• Going through the Junk - Pending

"Loyalty is a cherished aspect of the crew, follow the rules and you'll do fine."

Following rules for the Blackjaw Pirates
First: Respect, when it comes to arguments between IC characters that's okay, but don't bring OOC into IC, were all here for a good time and ruining another player's experience because of some OOC grudge is childish, take it to PM's and sort it out instead of taking it out IC and ruining the fun for others. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Secondly: Posting, If you have IRL issues or matters, or sometimes your muse is not all there and you don't want to make a wonky post, that's fine. Just tell us why instead of making people wait in the dark, if I believe you've been gone for an inexplicable amount of time then we'll either skip you in the thread or I'll take control of your character for the remainder of the thread.

Thirdly: RP Length, we don't expect you to write a novel, telling about how green the grass is and how the altitude of how strong the wind is brushing against that grass, but at least just post enough to give players enough a decent chance to post a similar length.

Fourth: Just have fun, in the end were all here for a good time, to sit back and make a fun post, not to deal with someone else's misery. If you have any drama with another member, please talk it out and resolve it before it explodes into something it doesn't need to be.

"We accept nearly anybody into our midst, regardless of your origin or history, unless you're a marine of course."

Were currently looking for any fillings, fishman, mink, navigator, doctor, ping pong player, we don't care! if you think this crew is right for your character, don't hesitate to ask me(Mystic) and we can definitely sort something out!

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