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Weapon Sheet

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Weapon Sheet

Post by Deviant on Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:40 pm

Weapon Sheet

Looking to create a custom weapon for your character and your character only, something to make them special & stand out? Well you've come to the right place, here you can make your very own special weapon just for you. What else is a custom weapon for? Below you'll find the template for custom weapons.


[color=Black][b]Weapon Name[/b]:[/color] Insert Name Here.

[color=Black][b]Description[/b]: [/color] Insert Description Here.

[color=Black][b]Weapon History[/b]:[/color] Insert a Short History Here.

[color=Black][b]Special Weapon Abilities[/b]:[/color] Tell us here what your weapon can do. If it is imbued with Kairoseki, make a note of it here. BEWARE: Be careful here to separate what your weapon can do from what your character can do. Things like "Slicing Wind" and "Cutting through Steel" are Character-Oriented traits, not Weapon-oriented.

[color=Black][b]Devil Fruit[/b]:[/color] Insert Details Here as well as a Link if your fruit is a custom one. If your weapon has not consumed a Devil Fruit, remove this section.

[color=Black][b]Dials[/b]:[/color] If your Weapon is Dial-based, list here which Dials your weapon possesses. If it does not have one, remove this section.

[color=Black][b]Character or Crew specific[/b]:[/color] Indicate here if there are others who are also wielding the same weapon or are using a copy.


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