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Siphon Jones

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Approved Siphon Jones

Post by Deviant on Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:43 am

General Information

Name: Siphon Jones
Epithet: "N/A"
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Grand Line
Species: Human | Risen Demon
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation | Rank: Former Bounty Hunter | Captain
Bounty Collected: 31,000,000
Allegiance: Marine
• Discover new ways to enhance the strength of the Osmosis dial
• Reach the rank of Admiral

Character Information

Naval Flag:

Siphon Jones:

Siphon Jones stands at a height of 6ft tall and weighs a grand total of 11 stone. He doesn't come across as very muscular however he is quite a bit stronger than he looks due to his training in the Navy. He has fast reflexes though which his skinny body helps with. Siphon has long messy blonde hair which is rather vibrant in colour and a narrow face with few wrinkles. His nose is thin and pointed whilst his eyes are wide and a little yellow in colour. He has quite a bit of thick stubble (Not seen in the picture above. He shaved.) Wears a pair of black glasses. Over his body he wears a thin blade and white scarf around his neck which is never fully tightened enough to keep him warm but more so jut hangs around his neck. Over his torso is a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top three buttons always undone exposing his chest which is hairless. Over the top of the shirt is a black vest which zips up however it is always left open and on the back of the vest is a demon skull printed in a faded yellow colour. The skull looks human with two horns poking out from either side and a more pointed bottom jaw. Over his right arm he has a few bands around it one of which is an elastic band. Over his right hand at all times he wear a black finger-less gloves covering up the RD branded on to the top of his hand. On belt which is black with a thin yellow line around it in the middle is a little retractable steel thread which is attached to a loop made on the Osmosis Dial so it may be retracted if dropped. His trousers are skinny black jeans with a set of boots which reach up over the bottom of his jeans. The boots are steel toe capped and have a yellow print on the outside of both of them. The yellow print is a circle with a thick boarder to it which has a three pointed star in the middle which points and reaches out over the edge of the circle's boarder.


Siphon Jones the Hard Ass
Born into a life which demanded a struggle Siphon Jones has had his fair few fights throughout his life. Not just his birth but even fights over food because he was considered a lower life form on the island. Much like racism the island has split itself in two of those who are the fallen angels and those who are risen demons. Fallen angels look down on Risen Demons as creatures that should't exist that are lower life forms with less reasoning for life. This is something that has always stuck with Siphon Jones and made him become quite the hard ass he is today. Seeing very little difference between any person he meets all should be tarnished with the same feather regardless of gender, age, colour or race. If you breath you're the same because nothing else matters.

Siphon Jones the Bad Ass
Give a man a job and he'll eat, give a Jones a job and the job will be done no matter how many people have to suffer. Siphon Jones doesn't like disappointing people and if he makes a promise or takes a job on he will make it his mission to make this promise a truth or complete the job to it's fullest. A hard worker and a badass he is the the type of Marine who will walk on broken legs to drag a crook to justice even if it is just the theft of a two beli sandwich everyone must pay the price for their crimes.

Siphon Jones the Ass
Despite his hard work and how he views the world with everyone as an equal Siphon Jones has a bad habit of seeing himself as the reckoning that people deserve along with his addiction of the sweet sweet nicotine. Smoking up to one and a half packets of cigarettes a day he is always seen puffing away paying little to no regard for others who may have a distaste for the habit. Often only every thinking about himself and how things will make him look Siphon Jones is a very self center individual who sees himself as the worst thing to happen to the human race, part of which is true. He ain't no saint.

Character History


Swaying among the ocean breeze and dancing in the waves upon waves which was on by it the island of Skyfell sits tall and graceful amidst the great Grand Line. Sitting in the first half it stands tall split into two sections. One for those who're worthy and one for those who aren't. The worthy are close to God only living on this temporary island till the lord above can accept them beyond his pearly gates whilst those down below will spend their lives writhing in the pits of a risen hell.

Born into the small filth ridden neighborhood known as Devil's Toothpick, the family Jones had a new member and even more importantly a new child to live their dreams through. As the youngest of three and only boy the young lad with dirty blonde hair came bouncing into life and the family under the name of Siphon after his great grand father the last person in his family who ever accomplished anything worth mentioning. He'd been a Navy soldier and risen the ranks to Captain leading his own team aboard a mighty ship which searched the Grand Line for pirate scum where ever they chose to lay.

Living a life in the rough lower lands of Skyfell which were filled with rubbish from above, looters, con artists and basically anyone trying to get a leg up on anyone else, Siphon quickly learnt the differences between right and wrong. When everything around you is wrong, it becomes very easy to spot someone whose good. Because they look out of the ordinary. Since the early years of Siphon's life he quickly picked up a knack for a good eye. He was taught to keep his eyes open by his sisters who would walk him to school in the mornings. Too many people were good for nothing thieves who'd get their hands on any money they could no matter who it was coming from.

Managing to spot the thieves and avoid them on his ways to and from school, Siphon managed to keep hold of his lunch money unlike his sisters who were too prone to flirting and being distracted. The one time he caught them being distracted via flirting Siphon had also seen the thief. Not wanting to see his sisters suffer another day Siphon slipped a leg out tripping the thief and launched a kick into his face. Despite being an older man Siphon didn't feel one bit bad about his actions. This was a dog eat dog world and everyone needed to know that. Old and young.

Grateful for his help Siphon's sisters made mention of how he should join the Sky Rangers who were Skyfell's officers of the law and enforcers of justice. Despite being slackers in the lower rungs and more corrupt than good they felt he could make a difference if he climbed to the top of the ranks. But years of school and the growing hatred for Skyfell and it's inhabitants Siphon started to see the bigger picture. He had been in many fights each day and started to improvise when fighting to become less predictable and he'd seen that even when people did go to the Sky Rangers they'd shrug off the problem unless there was something in it for them.

Siphon reached the rebellious age of eighteen and had taken to scavenging from the junkyard far to the east in the hopes of finding something useful. As he searched and searched he found junk, junk and more junk. Days went by and each day he'd search the junkyard but rarely find anything.

As he headed home he was stopped by some Sky Rangers who tried pinning a small stash of narcotics on him to which he rebelled with as much fury as he could muster. By the time he woke up he was locked in a cell in the local Sky Ranger outpost.

Siphon had managed to do quite a bit of damage to the rangers who'd sought out a quick bust.

• 2 Fractured Femurs
• 1 Shattered Eye Socket
• 3 Dislocated Shoulders
• 2 Broken Ankles
• 1 Foreign Object Discovered Inside the Body

He spent a week in the cell as a form of punishment and for a first offence but when he was released Siphon was told by the officers that if they caught him doing the slightest illegal thing again he would be locked up for good. He felt a rage building up but couldn't do anything or he'd be locked away.

Using his spare time to meditate Siphon tried to keep his anger under control. It helped him for a while which was good. When the end of school came about though people were looking into jobs and Siphon realized whilst everyone else was getting themselves some form of employment mostly as a crook he hadn't planned anything, nor did he want to be a crook.

A quick decision was made though when he passed a notice board littered with bounty posters. He was pretty good at fighting so why not put it to good use.

One day he was a high school teen about to break free from the shackles of homework and teachers the next day he was a fresh faced bounty hunter armed with steely determination, nothing better to do and an old machete from his parents kitchen.

The bounty was for an Issac Maddox. 12,000 Beli. That would be a good start, or so he thought.

Speaking to a few people in the local town about him and any last known whereabouts Siphon got nowhere on his first day. Missing the mark completely he heard word the next day that the Navy had managed to apprehend him on a small raft escaping the island.

Snatching up a new bounty poster Siphon found himself hunting down a kidnapper by the name of Rufus Jamison with a measly bounty of 500 Beli. It was small but it would be enough for a first bounty.

He was quick to spot in the town and within seconds Siphon spotted a kid being snatched up. Giving chase he managed to slice Rufus's Achilles tenant open with the machete. Watching him hit the ground Siphon grabbed the guy and started dragging. Taking him to the Sky Rangers they quickly snatched up Rufus locking him up in a cell and before long Siphon found himself back out in the field with one less dirt bag on the streets but no extra pay. The bastards that the Sky Rangers were took the capture for themselves.

This is the point where Siphon decided to do things differently. He would take the crooks to the Navy. At least they'd pay him for his services. Next up was Hookline Jaws 1,000 Beli. A rapist who hung out in the junkyard. This should've been easy.

And it was.

Making his way into the junkyard Siphon followed the sound of a scream. Whatever he was doing to them it sounded agonizing and only pushed Siphon further to wanting to seriously hurt Hookline Jaws and stick him in a cell.

Just over a hill of rubbish he could see Hookline and a person lying on the ground in agony screaming and crying. Hookline reached down to grab them as Siphon took the machete in hand and threw it blade first at Hookline.

Stabbing him in the torso next to his shoulder he screamed in pain. Siphon took this moment to get closer and by the time Hookline pulled together the courage and strength to rip the blade free he was greeted with a set of boots to the chest and sent tumbling backwards down the hill or trash.

Landing beside the victim on his back Siphon heard another scream and felt something beneath his back twitch.

Shit! he thought as he picked himself up. Turning he looked down at the victim to see that something was a little strange.

"Don't worry Ma'm I'm here to he - well at least he can't rape you now." this lady despite looking slightly worse for wear had a set of small wings poking out from her back and what could only be described as antena poking from her forehead. With an eyebrow raised and a puzzling look on his face, a string of questions would follow by a string of answers.

Before anything could be question though the case of Hookline Jaws had to be solved. Siphon asked the lady to stay put for a moment which she agreed with as she needed the rest. Checking on Hookline Jaws who lay at the foot of the hill, Siphon discovered he was dead. Died from the fall after smacking his head.

Returning to the lady with wings carrying the corpse of Hookline Siphon and the lady started to speak.

Siphon found out she had fallen from one of the sky islands in which people like her (Skypieans) existed. The two spoke for ages and Siphon learned how the team she was part of was similar to the Navy and they were tracking a dangerous criminal who escaped to the blues. She had been knocked overboard as they came into contact with a storm.

Realizing her predicament Siphon offered to help her. Helping the lady into town he told her how she'd be safer on the upper levels of the island due to her wings they'd most likely see her as a god or some sort of angel.

Siphon was right and when the people of the upper levels saw him as shocked as they were, they gave him the money he deserved for the capture of Hookline Jaws. He had been a criminal in the upper levels before he was thrown into the lower levels and made his home in the junkyard.

Hookline would be sentenced to hang by the neck until dead and as for Siphon despite earning his pay there was a punishment that people from the lower levels who dared enter the upper levels had to endure.

A brand which made it clear to others who he was as well as a reminder. On his right hand the letters RD were branded so he would never forget. RD for Risen Demon. A creature from the lower levels which had escaped the depths of hell.

Feeling slightly better about himself despite the searing pain in his hand Siphon looked at his family and their life. He didn't like seeing them struggle and even asked them if they wanted to leave Skyfell for a better life elsewhere.

The response was a no. He was a little heartbroken as he wished to live somewhere without any of the filth, the crooks or any of it. But they wanted to stay as it was their home. It was where their entire family had lived and spent their lives. Skyfell felt more to them than just a home it was their everything.

Understanding Siphon took to the seas deciding he would follow in his grand father's steps and join the Navy. He'd never really made much of himself as a bounty hunter, but maybe he would as a Marine. As he made his way to the nearest Naval base which was the next island over he reached into his pocket where he found an Osmosis dial. He hadn't seen one before nor did he know much about it.

Placing the dial down as he feared something might crawl from it he saw how nothing happened after a while. Picking it up he accidentally pressed a button which duplicated the wooden properties, when he realized he'd pressed a button he placed it on his hand and leaned in closer. He could see the dial had two halves one that could be twisted and tried it out slowly twisting it with his fingers. A sudden pain shot through the palm of his hand. Pulling a face as he held the screams in he tried to pull it off and could feel his hand slightly different and how the dial was stuck.

Flipping his hand over he saw how his hand had become wooden and the dial was sticking to his hand.

Twisting the top half again it slipped form his hand and Siphon saw how his hand was normal again but had three little little cuts sat on his palm. Whatever this device was, it was powerful and hurt like hell to use. But in years which would come quickly Siphon was not only accepted as a Marine but also taught by a soldier who'd experienced the sky islands how to use the dials he'd come into possession of.

Siphon used the dial to his advantage as much as possible. Throwing himself into his work he started to enjoy the use of the dial and even the Marine life. It helped elevate his mood and unleash his anger. He started developing his own fighting style based around the Osmosis Dial known as Osmosis Onslaught and climbed the Naval ranks from simple seaman recruit to Captain.

Improvisational Fighter
Siphon become an improvisational fighter due to his life on Skyfell. He hated how often people would try to rob from him or his family and wanted to put a stop to it by finding anything in his surrounding areas to help him beat up the crooks. This helped him as a bounty hunter slightly as he was able to keep up with them via using anything he saw and even fend off anyone who dared attack him. It was a useful talent which he kept with him into his Naval training.

Eagle Eye
Spending years looking out for people and constantly being on the lookout for anyone who may be a potential threat he has gained himself a very good set of eyes which are perfect and picking people out of a crowd and even seeing far distances.


Weapon: Osmosis Dial

Weapon Description:
The Osmosis Dial is a spherical pink dial with coils. On top is where the button is found and on the other side there are various holes. Once the user places the dial onto something or someone and twists it the top half of the dial twists the bottom remains in the same place, out of the holes come small hooks which inject into the object/user and then slam shut against the edge of the dial holding it in place.

Weapon Special Abilities:
The Osmosis Dial is capable of absorbing the properties of any object that can be touched. The user must place the dial on what object they wish to duplicate the properties of and press the button on the apex. This will take one post to duplicate the properties. Then the user may attach the dial to weapons or themselves and augment themselves whatever it is connected to with those properties. The dial will only augment an entire limb or object such as a single weapon. The dial's abilities take effect when the user twists the dial and upon being twisted the dial latches on to whatever it has been placed. To place another object's properties in the dial they simply absorb them over the previous one.

Example: Place dial on wall and press apex. After one post user places dial on arm and arm becomes augmented with stone.

Weapon History:
Born on the island of Skyfell, Siphon Jones often found discarded dials from the sky island known as Skypiea or even ones that weren't discarded by dropped by accident on the lower rungs of the island. Due to the island being almost tree like it was uncommon for many people to search the lower rungs but for those that did there were some pretty incredible things to be found most of all dials. During his time searching the lower rung of which it wasn't frowned upon for a Risen Demon to be doing so Siphon came across a Skypiean lady who he helped by carrying to the upper rungs thinking she'd get better treatment for her wounds which she did. However what he didn't realize until much later was how she had slipped the osmosis dial into his pocket as way of saying thank you for helping her.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:  
Devil Fruit Abilities:
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat

Osmosis Onslaught

Weapon Based Combat:

Osmosis Onslaught: Rockafella
Using the Osmosis dial on a rock or stone Siphon Jones augments one of his limbs with the toughness of stone.

Osmosis Onslaught: Rockafella: Avalanche
Using the stone augmented arm of Siphon Jones he charges towards his opponent with his arm outstretched aiming to clothes line them before falling backwards on the downed opponent with a might stone elbow.

Osmosis Onslaught: Rockafella: Boulder
Using the stone augmentation on his arm Siphon charges towards his opponent attempting a shoulder barge with the rocky arm first to make contact.

Osmosis Onslaught: Rub Out
Using the Osmosis dial on the rubber band around his wrist Siphon Jones augments one of his limbs with the elasticity of a rubber band.

Osmosis Onslaught: Rub Out: Bare Knuckle Band
Using the rubber augmented limb Siphon Jones launches out an attack with up to three times the distance as normal.

Osmosis Onslaught: Rub Out: Slingshot
Using the rubber augmented arm Siphon Jones uses his rubbery limb like a slingshot to catch the blunt attack and allows the elasticity to fire it back and return it to the sender.

Osmosis Onslaught: Spitake
Spitting over the bottom of the Osmosis dial or introducing any other body of moisture, Siphon Jones presses the apex of the dial to duplicate it's moist properties.

Osmosis Onslaught: Spitake: Sunken Snag
Spitting over the bottom of the Osmosis dial or introducing any other body of moisture,  Siphon Jones presses the apex of the dial to duplicate it's moist properties. Siphon Jones makes his way towards his opponent and slams the Osmosis dial on the ground near by turning it to a salivary type consistency causing any weight on it to sink into it until it is removed. The second the dial latches on to the ground it becomes like liquid and cannot be used to jump out of the way.

Osmosis Onslaught: Spitake: Weeping Weapons
Using the moisture augmentation such as saliva or even water Siphon Jones places the dial on a weapon and quickly grants the weapon the properties of the moisture allowing the weapon to drip to pieces rendering it useless.


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