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Sura Sura no Mi

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Sura Sura no Mi

Post by Grim on August 2nd 2016, 09:49

Devil Fruit Name: Sura Sura Fruit

Devil Fruit Type: Longia


Appearance: The Sura Sura no Mi is shaped like an apple with a dark brownish coloration.

Ability Description: The Sura Sura fruit gives the user the ability to manipulate and form into a sludge like state of matter. This sludge can be hardened into a sturdy solid or made into a liquid with similar viscosity to water. The user can also turn mineral rich matter such as the earth or metal into sludge and manipulate it.

Example Techniques:

Sludge Trap : The use blasts a large amount of sludge at the opponent, covering there body and quickly hardening to subdue them.

Sludge Fist: The user manipulates his sludge to create a giant arm, where the fist is solid but the arm portion is in a liquid like state. Due to this the arm has high amount of viability in combat.

Weakness: Sura Sura Mi no users are specifically weak to large amounts of any liquid. If to much liquid is applied to there sludge it will bubble down and form into a state that cannot be manipulated by the user. The same with there body, they cannot turn into sludge when liquids are using on them. 

Mastery Level 1: The user can freely manipulate there body into sludge, while adjusting the size, viscosity, and movement of it. They are able to turn small amounts of minerals into sludge but cannot manipulate it.

Mastery Level 2: The user has better control over the manipulation of sludge, able to manipulate sludge's anywhere. The are able to make medium sized amounts of minerals into sludge (small house size) and are able to manipulate it as long as they are physically touching it.

Mastery Level 3: They have mastered the use of the sludge on there body, and are able to shift in and out of hard and liquid states with ease. They can now make larger masses of minerals into sludge (larger house) and are able to manipulate it as long as they are relatively close to the sludge. They can instantly turn small portions of minerals into sludge with physical contact.

Mastery Level 4: They are now able to turn giant masses of minerals into sludge (Small Towns) and have mastered the manipulation of sludge that is not there body. They can manipulate sludge from medium ranges away. They can instantly turn medium sized amounts of minerals into sludge instantly.

Mastery Level 5: They have completely mastered there fruit, they are able to turn medium amounts of minerals into sludge from a short distance away (Bullets, cannons, harpoons), they can turn giant amounts of minerals into sludge (A portion of a city) and are able to turn larger amounts of minerals into sludge instantly with physical contact. They can manipulate sludge without physical contact from quite a distance away. All sludge under there control can instantly be changed from solid states to liquid states.


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Re: Sura Sura no Mi

Post by Deviant on August 2nd 2016, 10:53

• Please try and use the template as closely as possible to avoid with such huge gaps in the text.

• Weaknesses would also include Haki & Sea Stone.

• This fruit may as well be the Numa Numa no Mi. (The Swamp Fruit) as it basically has very similar effects. However some of these abilities requested won't be allowed such as being able to simply turn things into sludge via contact. No logia has shown an effect such as this and it is far too over powered as it is being a logia.


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