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Arrival! The boy with a purpose

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Arrival! The boy with a purpose

Post by Grim on August 2nd 2016, 21:19

Waves ebb at the shore of an island, a small boat sliding upon the shore easily before halting in it's motion. Placing a single foot upon the hull of the ship Lorlo rose up. The shifting waves filled his ears, scanning his immediate surrounding's. A small hop sent him over the edge of the boat onto the firm soil, closing his eye for a brief exhale. Rubbing the back of his head as he'd began towards the direction of the buildings he'd spotted just before docking. An easy stroll with an haste-less tempo. His dull eyes still scanning the area, remaining on guard. Making his way to an up-rising clearing, perching over with a hand above his eyes to blot out the sun. Spotting the town before sliding down the small perch.

Making his wave into the town, he'd notice the square was bustling with commotion. The sound of footsteps, bartering, laughter, he'd definitely arrived at a town. Making his way through the town with his eyes glued upon the signs above them looking for the Inn. Bumping into a few people before making it to his destination. A decently sized building with push door had stood before him. Bursting through the doors in a rather loud manner, making no direct eye contact with no one has he strolled to the bar. Taking a seat and looking back towards the crowd of people, he'd speak in an up-roarish tone.

"I am Lorlo E. Gawk, And I am looking for people to join my pirate crew."

Standing to his feet now and taking a small stroll.

"Swear your loyalty to me and i can promise your glory at the sea's, that you'll have enough Ale and Meat to fill your stomach, and enough Beli to last you a life time. All in due time."

He finished with a nod, leaning back on the bars counter once more as he'd eye the crowd calming waiting for any sign of a taker.

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Re: Arrival! The boy with a purpose

Post by Deviant on August 2nd 2016, 21:43

Wind blowing a gentle breeze, the sun shinning down a golden breeze and the sound of feet trotting over the freshly laid path was music to some people's ears. Unfortunately not quite this guy's.

Watching as the town ahead grew larger the gentleman removed a cigarette from beneath his poncho and slipped it into his mouth. Fitting nicely between his lips he lit a match and next the cigarette.

This was what he enjoyed. A nice cigarette on a sunny day. Reaching forward as the horses drew closer the gentleman reached for the reins of the horses and tugged on them. It was time to slow things down and get to work.

Guiding the horses to an alleyway the gentleman parked up his carriage in a nice secluded area away from anyone who might take too much of an interest in it.

Climbing down he reached into the carriage to collect a few small bits for this and that. When he returned outside of the carriage he had a rifle on his back with the casing covered in red and black bandages for comfort. Slung over his shoulders it was his weapon of choice. Beneath the poncho a set of blue jeans with a revolver's holster on each leg and a special surprise beneath even his shirt. For that special moment when it arose.

Lifting his large sombrero he revealed his face to be that of bounty hunter Lloyd R. Wingnut. Holding in his hands the bounty posters of a few small time crooks he was ready to get paid and started his hike out into the streets of the humble town that he'd gotten word three of his biggest targets were in.

The information hadn't been wrong.

Reath Shingheild leader of a small troupe of bandits was a local in this area and well known for attacks on villagers for whatever he could get his hands on. The more expensive the better. A brute of a man with an incredible skill with swords he led the Blue Moon Bandits with an iron fist and a bounty which totaled 13,000,000 Beli.

In the basement of his stronghold was the third highest at a total of 17,000 Beli. The only thing is no one, not even the bandit leader Reath knew it.

With his hands chained up to the wall a gash on the left side of his head where blood had oozed the night before and dried over the left side of his face sat the Arctic Demon, better known as Genzo Noroi a curious traveler with a smoking addiction.

He tried to recall all of the events from the previous night but it was all a blur. He remembered being in a bar talking to a young lady about getting a place to stay for the night and it was going pretty well too. She clearly had something else in mind where as he was more interested in sleep.

Then after that all he could remember was a shattered glass, blood all over the floor, throwing a guy dressed in rags who smelt of piss, puberty and rage through the window and then darkness.

For the most part he could remember it had been a heavy drinking session and from the taste in his mouth he could tell he'd easily gotten through at least two packs.

The ashy taste in his mouth and dying urge for one right now was getting to him and by the looks of things around him he highly doubted he'd be getting one anytime soon.

Not in this weird ass looking sex dungeon or whatever this place was.


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