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Black "Scrapper" Jack

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Approved Black "Scrapper" Jack

Post by Boxer on Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:54 pm

General Information

"Let's get one thing straight, you ain't me."

Name: Black Jack
Epithet: Scrapper
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Birthplace: West Blue
Species: Human
Orientation: Right-Handed
Crew: N/A
Ship: A "sloop" boat.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter - Martial Artist
Bounty: 0
Crimes Committed: Numerous Petty Theft and Physical Assault Charges [Absolved]
Allegiance: Himself

  • To become a “Ranked” fighter. 

  • To show just how strong a boxer can be by using only boxing. 

  • To fight strong foes, though not wishing to become “the strongest” only enjoying the fight.

Character Information

"Like the fro? I pick it everyday, and twice on Sunday!"

Flag: None.

Appearance: Black has a black afro upon his head, has a beard and mustache with sideburns and coal black eyes. Dark skin, and various nicks upon his bodily form. He holds a very athletic build, having large pronounced pectorals and abs on his upper body. He's not as tall as most, being a 5"10' but has above average arms, which is a selling point of his combat style. 

He travels around shirtless usually, only wearing a jacket in cooler places that have to do with storms and snow as their natural climate cycle at the time. He wears long baggy pants as his standard outfit, and shorts in the tropics with a bellyband over them which also acts as a belt. The bellyband is grey while the pants are black. 

Instead of shoes he makes it a point to place durable wraps around his feet. The same wraps he wears upon his hands. If in a warmer or colder place, he wears sandals so that his feet don't get hot or cold, which are pretty cheap and made of a flexible material.

Personality: Black is simple, yet clear. When doing something, he takes the straight path in performing it, even if there is a faster way to get something done, as he believes that hard work and effort is the answer to most problems. Often very sure of himself, this can border on overconfidence such as believing, that "boxing" is the strongest combat style of all, which could be wrong or right, or even to things like cooking, or navigating. He's always up for a challenge, and is happy to help civilians with their troubles, being a mostly kind-hearted person despite his arrogant nature. 

He loves to spar, and run, thus he has strong legs and is into things like parkour and finesse. Often he sees people who aren't athletic or gifted in the same things as boring, and those who don't like action to be the same. He isn't very book smart, though has developed enough knowledge to survive due to his experiences in his youth yet has always been a quick learner. Believing that every challenge allows him to surpass a little of himself, he is something of a hot-blooded individual and always burns with passion, having a strong will to boot.

He dislikes companionship though, which is ironic considering his outgoing nature, because he doesn't trust mot people. Even those he considers "friends" are associates as he thinks people slow him down from his true dream and thus are obstacles in his path, which makes him turn people away if they wish to be his friend. This is because the years of being turned down and tricked by people on his own advances, and though he will talk to people as a "friendly" person, he usually doesn't see many as "friends" or "companions" because of this.

Black has a thing for proportional bodies (large boobs and hips), and loves to watch them or meet girls with them. Though he's a pervert in that regard, usually his objective isn't to seduce them, only liking to imprint the memory in his thoughts, which can be quite strange at times. His attitude is that of recklessness, taking on any challenge that comes before him comes with the price of not thinking ahead of the game and he is often known for doing things by himself discouraging "teamwork", and is more involved with self-promotion and gaining his own strength.

He doesn't have much trouble with pirates, nor marines. What he really wants is to prove the strength of "Boxing", but needs funds to gain the ability to travel, and along the way, defeat the big names of the World. He is a decisive person, actively going head-on into a situation with little way of changing directions. His style of thought is direct and straightforward. When he fights, he's always serious, rarely holding back against anyone, even if they are for all intents and purposes "normal" though he won't cause fights against normal people.

Character History

"Been through a lot of crap, it's not going to get peaceful now..."

Black was born to a family of 10 siblings, which he was the runt of the litter. At six years old, due to his mother and father's gambling problems, and his siblings already being able to join in the workforce, he was kicked out of the household due to not being able to contribute to it. He was their last son, and cruelly thought he was useless and because of this his life was made to become more inclined to criminal activities.

Growing up on the streets of a large island, rarely did he see his family, though some of his siblings came to visit him in places that were unseemly, ultimately, he was alone. Thus he had to fend for himself. He states he got into a lot of fights, stole a lot, yet he never killed anyone to survive and sometimes got hand-outs from people due to his “cuteness”.

At ten, he was found by a former boxer, turned fisherman named Cougar Jackson who decided to take him in after Black tried to steal from him and due to his quick feet which he was astonished by. Seeing such talent, he decided to make him a surrogate son, telling Black that his son had died due to piracy years ago, and that he was in need of a little “idiot” to help him around. Cougar taught him how to fight so he could defend himself better.

Black got older of course, he got into a lot of fights, and was known for his scrappiness and rather large afro which was a hallmark to his self-image as a tough guy and was named “Scrapper” by the people of the island. In his teenager years, this led to run-ins with marines, and the law of the island, to which he spent time in jail for his issues. Yet due to Cougar’s respect, was let off a few times. He and Cougar often fought one another, Cougar always won, due to his secret history as a “XXX” Ranked Boxer which he wanted to move away from as he got tired of it and instead changed his identity (his name was Cougar “Hermes” Mercury, a legendary fighter.

In his late teenage years, Black had began to mellow out and become more respectable as a person. But still was his scrappy and quick-to-trigger self. However, once hearing about the “Rank” system of the world, where fighters could become well-recognized and strong, Black had decided he wished to become a “Ranker” himself. Cougar angered at his wish had decided to stop teaching him how to box, due to the cruelness that the world had to offer to him should he choose to do such a thing. That didn’t stop Black from training himself.

Black had decided to leave the island after a year's time, telling Cougar thanks for what he’d done for him. But not before Cougar talked to him about his past. Telling him that he had to “throw a fight” against a high-profile fighter. Cougar didn’t listen, and said enemies killed his son for it. Black told Cougar that he still wanted to do it regardless, that Cougar had ran away from his dream all those years ago. He leaves with that information, a year later, Cougar also leaves the island unknown to Black. Black slowly begins to make a name for himself as a Bounty Hunter.

H2H - Black fights in strict hand-to-hand combat. He is a very skilled boxer, and is traveling around the world to understand different types of fighting styles that he may need to fight and defend against. That being said, his combat style is wholly offensive and straightforward. He specializes in the heavy-hitting, high-speed striking type of combat.

Quick-Learning - He can learn things for survival and such relatively quickly, though he will never be a "master" of said arts as he strictly focuses on his H2H skills, they are good enough to get him by despite his lack of high-end intellect and is very street smart.

Parkour - Black's natural agility allows him to use this type of movement capacity on a whim. He's fast, has a powerfully athletic body, it's unpracticed, yet natural due to his straightforwardness.




Weapon Description

Weapon Special Abilities

Weapon History

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name
Devil Fruit Type
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities
Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Combat Information

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"

Unarmed Combat:
Boxing - Boxing is an art that's often taken for granted, and at times for good reason. Users of the fighting style only fight with their fists and arms, so lower body combat is almost non-existent, that is, if it wasn't for the focus on footwork, and torque to bring out the best in the martial art. Black's focus is on the "nitty-gritty" fighting rather than the competitive, spectacle side that's shown, which leaves him a lot more leeway in terms of beating the crap out of people. He's known for his focus on the basics, the fundamentals, the movements and the ideals of how to fight without making yourself look like a full course moron. So when he fights, one-two blasters, dangerous hooks and heavy uppercuts are what people should be wary of as they always come out fast, and heavy! 

With boxing, the legs are pivotal to using it in combat, so never forget, take the legs and you take the fighters ability to fight. Not only that, the user needs a foothold, so twisting and turning won't be a bust, as rotating the hips into more powerful strikes is certainly a key to bringing it down. If one only specializes in boxing, they only use their arms and fists in combat, thus it's a fairly predictable tactic without feints and or a speed advantage. (There are 6 Levels for each trait, the one's in use are highlighted in bold.)

  • Speed  - How fast Black can move with his natural reflexes, footwork and the speed of his punches.


  1. Level 1 - Black has the ability to move fast enough that he's a blur as he moves, he can't easily be seen by opponents who are "human", and borders on superhuman. His punches come out rapidly, and already are on the level that he can fire multiple punches at high-speeds, though compared to actual superhuman characters, he falls short.

  2. Level 2 - Black has reached a low level superhuman potential. He can move faster than the eye, create such feints that they appear as afterimages, and is fast enough to close gaps relatively quickly with his dash speed and his punches can be piled on with ferocity and excellent speediness possibly overwhelming foes who can't keep up with it. However, he has only reached something of a beginning in his true abilities in speed and can get far faster through training and experience.

  3. Level 3 - Black has become much faster now. Capable of easily moving faster than most low level foes, especially one's who don't specialize in speed. He can be one place in close proximity in a "flash" and is known for closing gaps from long ranges even quicker than before. His punches might as well be bullets, fired with such speed that they can often disappear and reappear. This is when feinting and afterimages become an integral part of the fighting style, showcasing a talent at moving, and evading attacks while striking in a similar instance. He can now effectively dodge bullet fire without resorting to cautionary tactics.

  4. Level 4 - Black's experience and training have culminated into him becoming far faster than he used to be. His punches are so dangerous fast, that to even low level super humans, they wouldn't be easily seen. They traverse to where they need to go, but usually only register after the hit, well, hits. Closing large gaps in an instant is child's play and his natural speed might as well be boosted by nitro he's so fast, disappearing from the eyes of those around him being easy as taking candy from a grown drunken man.

  5. Level 5 - Damn fast. To the point that opponents even deep within the superhuman pool can't keep up with him. He might as well be invisible while moving in combat to most around him, and his punches should be considered small meteors shaped like fists they are so quick and feints are more difficult to register as "not him". This speed borders on the level of the "fastest", yet let it be known that it only borders, and theirs a level even higher. 

  6. Level 6 - The peak of potential for speed! You say "like lightning" he says "Ha! Too slow!" when he moves, he is more like an afterimage talking, moving to the point that one just can't understand where he's attacking or defending. It's not too unheard of for him to beat targets by way of pure speed blitz, as all but the fastest foes just can't keep up with this speed demon of a guy. His punches, which were meteors before, are now like lasers in how he shifts, attacks and defends himself making him even more dangerous. You think you can escape him with "speed"? You must not know who you're dealing with amigo!

  • Power - How strong Black is and how much force his punches can produce when they hit.


  1. Level 1 - Black's physical striking power is great enough to smash brick and cause small holes in concrete. His punches are dangerous for normal humans, thus he avoids fighting normal people, he can send them flying if there's a clean hit, though and his punches can cause great discomfort against the various weak points of the body.. However, they don't quite measure up to superhumans just yet.

  2. Level 2 - Punches that send people flying are more normal on this level. He can smash through walls like no one's business and crush stone with his fists! He is now effectively a superhuman puncher.

  3.  Level 3 - This is the level where the rubber meets the road. Striking his fist against the foes body is something akin to a truck hitting them while moving at full speed, it's going to hurt and you probably won't be capable of getting up afterwards if they don't have a strong body. Causing giant holes in buildings is child's play he's so strong!

  4. Level 4 - Don't mess with this guy. His punches being so hard that not only are you less likely to survive, but the force can completely smash steel and reinforced concrete and cause heavy damage to the surrounding area should he wanna put some oomph into it!

  5. Level 5 - Oh yeah, puncturing holes through steel with casual punches isn't even a second thought. You just don't wish to take these strikes as they could mean a death sentence, especially since the guy doesn't hold back for anyone! If he hits you, with his hard-hitting fists, you'll never layers upon layers of padding, and even then, you might still feel some pain.

  6. Level 6 - You know how his fist is like a meteor in the Speed portion of this style? Well imagine being hit by that level of force, as if a meteor didn't lose the power it had from entering the atmosphere and it was coming straight towards you. Yeah, it's like that. Megaton punches?! These are normal for someone like him, and only the most durable can even hope to take these blows without issue because they are that damned strong!

Weapon Based Combat:



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Approved Re: Black "Scrapper" Jack

Post by Deviant on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:11 am

• I have one question about this character app and that is mainly to do with the techniques can you please explain to me how you plan to use these levels?


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Approved Re: Black "Scrapper" Jack

Post by Boxer on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:59 pm

He doesn't use techniques, he just fights his opponents full force with his knowledge of combat skills and they will either win or lose because of that, but in One Piece you don't have to name techniques to produce abilities, multiple characters don't use techniques. Mihawk and Whitebeard are primary examples.


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Approved Re: Black "Scrapper" Jack

Post by Deviant on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:20 pm

I understand that, but my question is what is the purpose of writing down the levels? Are they the levels this character is currently at and the stronger & faster they get the higher levels they will be able to use or does he just have access to all levels instantly?


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Approved Re: Black "Scrapper" Jack

Post by Boxer on Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:47 am

I mean I said I'd bold the level he currently is on, and I did...

Actually, I don't even need two different levels since he trains his strength and speed equally, as he's basically a fast-moving heavy hitter who focuses on CQC.


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Approved Re: Black "Scrapper" Jack

Post by Deviant on Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:02 am

Unless stated otherwise


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Approved Re: Black "Scrapper" Jack

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