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Tekina Tamashi

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Tekina Tamashi

Post by Raizen on August 21st 2016, 08:39

General Information

Name:  Tekina Tamashi
Epithet: The Swift Dagger
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Grand Line, On The Drifting Whirlwind
Species: Human
Orientation: Ambidextrous

Crew: None 
Ship: None
Occupation: Pirate
Bounty: 25,000,000[img]http://i.stack.imgur.com/0mvFA.gif[/img

Crimes Committed: 
Contributing to and being part of the success of a notorious pirate crew
150 counts of Assault on a marine officer
200 counts of Destruction of high value public  and private property
210 counts of destruction of high value marine property
100 counts of theft of marine property

Allegiance: Pirate
Carry on the legacy of the Surging Storm Pirates
Find a new crew to adopt as his family
Bring down the world Government for the death of Toshiro and his crew, As well as for their twisted sense of justice
Defeat an admiral in combat
Surpass Toshiro and make him proud 
Attain a bounty of 1,000,000,000 Beli or more
Track down and seek justice on the bounty hunter who took captivity of his parents

Character Information


Appearance: Standing short at 5'7" and 3/4 and weighing only around 155 Pounds, Tekina has a small yet very well sculpted body structure.  He has well defined muscle definition all across his entire body, With large muscles compared to most people his size. He also possesses a strong set of core muscles, And has a very well defined six pack. The same pattern can be soon throughout his body structure, With nearly 93% of his weight coming from muscle. He has a slightly wide bone structure within his arms, His forearm bones being surprisingly big for his size. The same rest of his body possesses rather normal bone structure for his size, Making his large boned forearms more noticeable compared to the rest of his body. Though it should be mentioned that they are still rather proportionate to the rest of his body size.

With a dirty blonde hair shade, Tekina's actual hair style allows his hair to be entirely spiked up, The entirety of his hair spiked straight up minus a single long bang hanging down the right side of his forehead that slightly extends past the side of his orbital. With a dark brown slightly tan Caucasian skin tone, One could say Tekina had seen a bit of sun in his day. His diamond shaped face causes his strong looking jawline and pointy chin quite well, Him having a strong jawline and average sized cheek bones, As well as a thick forehead which came in handy when he was forced to headbutt opponents in combat. He also has a dark red tribal marking under his left orbital, Just under his eyeball which runs across the length of the bottom part of his orbital and has slight points coming out at a few different parts within the tattoo.

Tekina dons some tight fitting pants that are baggy around the bottom, Constricted within light red armor which has been crafted to fit the bottom half of his leg, The highest point on his armor reaching just above his knees. The armor itself has been crafted from the tough material of Lightweight Aluminum and has been customized to have a light red shade of dye running all across every bit of it and shoes that have been dyed red and are made out of soft cotton like material. The tight fitting piece he wears around his bare torso That showcases his abdominal muscles and has  holes which he puts his arm through and no metal sleeve or anything of the sort, And also is tinted a light golden shade around the edges such as where one puts their arms through. The armor also comes with shoulder pieces sharing a color scheme of monochrome grey with light purple tints.

He also dons two gauntlets with large golden plates along the top of the forearm with the rest of the gauntlets being the same shade of red found on the rest of the armor. Every piece of Tekina's armor is made of the same material.

Personality: Anti-Authority and a good deal of bravery, Mixed in with a serious attitude problem and a will to surpass his mentor, Would just about perfectly describe Tekina's overall personality. His most noticeable traits are the fact that he tends to defy authority and transcend rules and laws quite frequently. He does not believe the world Government is doing an adequate job in caring for its citizens, But instead sees that a large portion of the higher ups are highly corrupted and pick on all pirates rather than the ones who actually harm people. Examples of this could be the numerous times he defied captain Toshiro's orders to remain on the ship, And as a result he often ended up fighting against some very notorious and powerful pirates and marines. He also has been known to cause quite a bit of trouble and is notoriously hot headed. He's been involved in many a confrontations due to this attitude, And not to mention the 'Never back down' Ideology which he developed his morals upon and his large amount of bravery and cockiness. He'll never back down from a challenge and will quite often attempt to sate his cockiness and faith he has in his own strength by fighting stronger opponents and taking on harder tasks, Attempting to challenge and redefine what is considered impossible. 

Often heard gloating about his physical abilities, It is very hard for Tekina not to express his confidence that he has in himself physically. Though by no means is he immature, Though one could mistake his disrespect of authority for a sign of immaturity, It's more-so tied to his naturally competitive and challenging personality. He's seen a lot in his life, Living with the surging storm pirates his entire life, And as such has gained a large amount of wisdom in a way exclusive to himself. Be it from listening the stories the crew used to tell, Or some words of wisdom from captain Toshiro, Tekina had many opportunities to learn from his elders, And as such learned a lot about the world and the life of piracy and what it'd be like. As fitting with his cocky demeanor, Tekina is quite humorous and often loves to taunt opponents during combat, As he loves nothing more than for an opponent to not hold back on him, As he finds combat experience crucial to developing his own combat abilities. Quite stubborn, And hard to convince of things at times, Once Tekina has his mind set on something he's unlikely to change it unless by his own doing, As he has an overall low level of respect for most forms of authority, As he believes that instead of higher ups holding themselves above others just because a rank or title, that humans should view themselves on equal footing and be judged based on true morality and their actions. Though he lives strongly by this notion, He still does know that some people are naturally cut out for different things, And that one person may be better at a specific thing than another but that does not make them superior.

Fitting in with his combat style and naturally fast movement speed, Tekina is often impatient at times and tends to pass his boredom by keeping himself busy with training. He's also quite quick and efficient in getting things done and completing tasks, And he doesn't understand how some people can be so utterly lazy and put things off for such long times, Which is a trait he highly dislikes of others. He often speaks his mind, Quite often in situations where doing so may not be the best idea, And as a result of his brutally blunt honesty, Along with many other factors led to Tekina getting into a lot of altercations with various marines and pirates alike over the years. Though he may seem very hard to get along with, The opposite is true. He will still brag and be set off easily, But he finds it easy to get along with those who share common views and traits with himself. He especially enjoys having a deep conversation over a drink at times, Especially if the drink being served happens to be sake. 

Character History


The Beginning

Born upon The Drifting Whirlwind, The son of two of the Surging Storm pirates, A crew who's name was notorious throughout the world for all the damage they'd done to marine officers and property as well as their feuding with other notorious names, Tekina had quite a different experience growing up than other kids. To start off, His father, Yūkan'na Senshi, And mother, Chimei Miki, Were both notorious pirates and members of the Infamous pirate crew residing in the grand line and causing absolute hell for the world Government, The Surging Storm Pirates.  This automatically brought Tekina some notoriety, And an increased risk of danger when he was born into the world. The entire crew had witnessed the birth of Tekina, And The doctor of the ship, Shin Mamoru, Was the one who helped deliver him into the world of the living.

Naturally, There was a small period of celebration at the new life that had begun on their ship, But Tekina's mother, Chimei, Had to rest from a few weeks before she regained the strength necessary to engage in the activities she so dearly enjoyed. And after the disappearance of both of his parents, Tekina grew up being raised by the crew which his parents had been a part of for so many years.

Fashioning The Dagger

After the battle at middle way Island, In which the members of The Surging Storm Pirates had faced off against a battalion of marines in an attempted ambush, Tekina grew up mostly confined to the drifting whirlwind.  This was mostly due to the fact that he was just a small child, And as such didn't entirely have the required body yet for the life he'd Inevitably guide himself into. That life was the life of piracy, Something Tekina began to view as a life of not only freedom, But one rife with adventure and experiences he'd remember for the rest of his life. Toshiro had begun to train Tekina in the art of combat, Specifically the duel dagger style, Which Toshiro had  Invented. And whether it was through the violent actions he'd attempt to take against the crew's marksman due to the constant teasing he'd been forced to hear him spout, Or during a training session with Captain Toshiro, Tekina longed to prove himself not just to his crew but to the world Government and eventually even the world.  And though he was eventually made a cabin boy at the age of seven, He still longed to taste combat. And just a year later, He'd get the chance he'd always desired. 

At the age of eight, Tekina took part in the clash of The Surging Storm Pirates and Marine Vice Admiral Matomona Hito's crew, Having escaped confinement from inside the drifting whirlwind. In battle Tekina managed to hold his own against the marines aboard the large titanium frigate the housed them. Though perhaps his biggest accomplishment in the confrontation of two powerful forces within the grand line was when he managed to fell Captain Tsukamoto Keisuke after a long and arduous battle that left both fighters gravely injured. It was after this battle that Tekina had begun to receive the admiration he long desired, And after the battle, It didn't stop. Tekina became more than a cabin boy, And even had begun to participate in several more scuffles across the grand line in an attempt at making a name for himself, And for his love of combat. This led to him quickly being appointed as the official crew lookout, A position which he took very seriously during his days with the crew and beyond.

The pain of loss

A period of several years had passed since Tekina was officially appointed lookout, And over the course of those few years he'd made quite a name for himself across the seas. Often disobeying the orders of captain Toshiro and fellow crew mates, it became a more common occurrence to see Tekina doing battle alongside his fellow brethren. As he matured, The fire of rebellion burning deep within him only continued to grow, Leading Tekina to involve himself in a rather ludicrous amount of what would usually be considered high risk situations such as clashes against the marines as well as other pirate crews roaming the grand line. Due to his heavy involvement within the crew and their conflicts, Tekina made a name for himself, And over the course of a few years amassed a respectable bounty which he'd gained through the assault and often defeat of several marines and officers, But also many other things. Oftentimes, Tekina would find himself doing battle with and felling several marines in combat. He managed to even defeat a number officers in his preteen to teen years. Though, Regardless of his performance against hostile marines, Tekina would quite often cause large amounts of collateral damage during his scuffles. As such, He managed to destroy a large amount of marine ships and other property. A good example would be the plethora of marine owned ships that her personally  sunk during his bouts with marine crews on the dangerous seas of the grand line, As well as the public and private owned property, Including but not limited to, Often houses libraries bars pubs and stores. Though this was not a direct result of him seeking conflict. Rather, If he'd ever end up in a civilized place like a town and he was spotted by a marine or rarely a bounty hunter, He'd often get into physical clashes with them and damage the surrounding area as a result of the scuffles, Just like at sea. Through all of this, The young teen would end up committing many a crimes, Racking up quite a high bounty and making a name for himself within the grand line. Often being recalled and mentioned for his largely notorious personality traits, Such as his rebelliousness and combat craving nature.  Tekina continued making a name for himself throughout the grand line while travelling with the crew he'd come to accept as his family, All the way up until he was Inevitably and unwillingly forced to part ways with them.

After docking at Mokuzai Island, A medium sized mass of  land in the grand line, The surging storm pirates had come to learn of the internal corruption occurring there. As it had turned out, The citizens of the Island had been forced to live under the tyrannical iron fist regime of Vice Admiral Fuhai Higashi, The commanding officer in charge of the marine base that had been built on the island. The vice admiral had abused his authority, And had forced the citizens inhabiting the Island to remain silent about the poor treatment they were receiving towards any visitors the Island would receive, And to not inform the outside world. Due to the power and influence of the vice admiral, They were reluctantly forced to do so out of the fear of prosecution from the commanding officer,  And as such Captain Toshiro had decided to liberate the island from the influence of its corrupt commanding officer who was supposed to be the protector of the citizens. A long and grueling 7 hour battle ensued, Taking place at the large marine base that had been built on the island. The crew of the surging storm had fought against the seemingly endless number of marines, Before ending in a spectacular climax that had been Captain Toshiro defeating Vice Admiral Fuhai after a long and arduous battle. The clash between the two had left the marine base in ruins, As well as a portion of the island that the marine base had been built upon underwater. And while Vice Admiral Fuhai was able to barely evade capture by the surging storm pirates, There was still much to celebrate. Having been freed of the fear of whatever punishment Fuhai had in store for them, The citizens of Mokuzai had decided to celebrate the occasion. The rest of the marines stationed on the island under Fuhai had ended up joining sides with the pirates and citizens, Having been freed from the fear of their former commanding officer who they'd been forced to fight for. After a lengthy celebration that night, Tekina woke up the next day and headed deep into the jungles of the island for a few hours of training.

Upon returning Tekina was greeted with an odd sight, The citizens as well as the marines stationed on the island had all been gathering upon the drifting whirlwind, Large crowds of people walking up and onto the deck of the ship before heading inside single file. After encountering Utaimasu and questioning him, Tekina had been led in the direction of the town square by the advice of  Utaimasu. After heading into town square, He encountered his captain.And after a long touching heartfelt speech, Toshiro explained to Tekina that marines had probably gotten word of what happened and would more than likely swarm the island, And told Tekina that he'd need to leave on the ship with the citizens and marines. After much refusal and even an attempt at fighting his captain, Tekina was swiftly yet gently knocked out by his captain and taken to the ship. And when the drifting whirlwind sailed out to sea, The crew looked toward the horizon to watch the ship that held so many fond memories sail away one last time. As it had been, A large scale buster call had been ordered on Mokuzai Island, As Vice Admiral Fuhai had managed to tell a tainted story of what had ensued to marine headquarters. Upon mention of The Surging Storm Pirates, Higher ups Immediately ordered for a buster call to be initiated on the Island as soon as possible. Eventually, The last stand that ensued lasted a full 10 hours and ended with many marine frigates being sunk and an entire island completely incinerated and sunk underwater, With the crew of the surging storm eventually perishing to the powerful weaponry the marines had possessed. It was said that for the full 10 hours, Not a single crew member ceased to resist their eventual demise for a moment, Holding out until the very end before going out in a brilliant blaze of glory.

After Mokuzai - Present

After managing to reach friendly territory, Tekina had decided to go off on his own, The former ambition and will he once had to pursue his dreams now zapped from him. Over the years he's mostly been homeless, Having to sleep through and endure harsh weather and environmental conditions at times. Quite often, Tekina cherished what little sleep he could get, As his dreams were often plagued by horrid and vivid nightmares. Tekina began to suffer from severe episodes of depression, Eventually reaching a point of where he was seriously considering ending his life. Though eventually, Through sheer willpower, Tekina had learned to cope with the loss of his crew. Though it was a long and hard process, He eventually had come to accept the loss of the crew who'd become family to him. He continues to wander the seas, Travelling from place to place in an attempt at finding a crew to call his family once more, And hoping to engage in journeys and adventures with them. He lives every moment of his life for not only himself, But his former crew, And though he misses them dearly, He continues to hold them and their ideals very close to his heart. He wishes to make them proud, And has vowed to himself to do so in whatever way he can. In every action he takes, Tekina hopes to honor the legacy of his crew and the deep impact they had on him.


Imperishable Will: This ability is something Tekina was born with, And has two main major effects on his personality. And to some extent, His body. This is a very powerful psychologically empowering technique, And can quite often allow him to tap into phenomenal fighting finesse. One part of this, Is that It greatly contributes to his already Inextinguishable will, Further adding to what he will push through in order to complete something such as a task or a goal of his that has meaning to him. If he is brought to a point in combat where his will is all that is keeping him standing, Or he or someone he cares for is in dire danger, And if his determination to save someone he loves or complete a task or goal important to him is pushed to far enough lengths, The effect on his on his mind and psyche is often enough to cause him to tap into a latent potential for combat that he has. As well as receive an augmented state of physique that often allows him to access complete use of his strength. If he's physically injured enough, Or is put under extreme physical trauma, He will often require rest and be exhausted for a period of a few days after this state wears off. Otherwise, He very rarely is able to access it again for awhile, But is usually physically fatigued if not fine.
Superior Physical Conditioning: Due to his years of sparring with voracious pirates who'd been a part of the crew he'd become a part of at birth, And going to insane lengths to improve his physical condition, And having the wish to surpass his mentor and captain, Tekina possesses impressive strength in general and especially for his height and naturally small but ever so bulky yet agile build. He's often able to perform feats of strength that few his size are able to recreate. Such as lifting marine vessels out of the water and toss them into the air and several hundred feet away during the naval battles he took part in during his time in The Surging Storm Pirates. Toshiro often stated to his fellow crew mates in Tekina's absence that he'd only seen similar strength in someone at such a young age with Toshiro's childhood friend and Tekina's father, Yūkan'na. He also possesses abnormally fast speed and reflexes.
Substantial Combat Prowess: An ability equally attributable to his constant training with Toshiro, As well as his natural aptitude for combat and fighting, Tekina's ability to fight is quite extraordinary. He's able to plan and improvise during combat, And adapt to most fighting styles. If he is fighting a devil fruit user whom he can not harm, He will usually use the environment to his advantage to best them. He's also quite attentive during combat and serious about winning and being the victor of a fight, Holding the principles of The Swift Duel Dagger style in his heart and soul. He's showcased great potential and skills while fighting using The Swift Duel Dagger Style in which he was mentored by his captain and father figure, Toshiro. Tekina has also been shown to be equally skilled in hand to hand combat, Felling several marine officers as a teenager with his fists as well as holding his own against moderately powerful opponents in some cases during his days with the pirate crew he grew up alongside. 
Superior Eyesight/Perception: Tekina has a close eye for things in combat, And has above average eyesight, And as such is able to see greater distances, As well as see and perceive shapes and things in the dark as well as in the light. He almost always attempts To keep his eyes on an opponent at all times during combat.
Lightweight Aluminum Armor Across Most His Body
Two Daggers Crafted From Tempered Steel
Two Sheathes Wrapped Around His Hip That He Keeps His Daggers In

Weapon: Twin Daggers

Weapon Description: Tekina has two daggers crafted from Tempered Steel that he keeps sheathed at his sides, The handle for the daggers being dyed gold in color and having a Black Handle Wrap from leather like material. The blades themselves are Black in color and silver around the edges all the way around. Overall, The blades themselves are about two feet in length excluding the handle, And are 2 pounds each.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Lightweight: Due to the light materials used to craft them, The daggers themselves are quite light weight and are often not very strenuous to be carried around constantly. The weight of the blades also allows for faster movement while using them in combat.
Durable: Due to the steel used to craft the blades being tempered to a high extent, The daggers are quite durable, With the steel itself being surprisingly hard and strong. After all the use they've seen, They still cease to show signs of decline or wear.

Weapon History: The daggers were forged by the blacksmith of The Surging Storm Pirates Akio Kajiya upon request of the captain, In celebration of his decision to become Tekina's mentor.

Power Level Information

Character Strength: Expert
Character Speed:  Expert
Character Resilience:  Trained
Character Dexterity:  Trained

Combat Information

Unarmed Combat:
Crippling Multiple Limb Barrage: Tekina slips in past his opponents guard at the right time, And usually targets the stomach area, Crouching low to the ground and using his fists throw a flurry of fast and powerful punches as quick as he can. Afterwards, He'll sidestep an opponent and usually throw all of his power and momentum into an elbow aimed for the opponents rib cage and lower abdominal area. If it successfully hits, He'll then move behind an opponent and jumping above them. After which, He sends his pointy elbow towards their face in an attempt at knocking them back or off balance. If successful in this, He'll then throw a flurry of kicks towards his opponent, The speed at which he does so quite disorienting to watch at times. And he'll end it up by heading straight for the opponent in a short burst of speed and punching them with all of his might, Attempting to incapacitate them.

Debilitating Slam: Often waiting for an opponent to charge him, Tekina uses his small size and exceptional speed to hop slightly above and past an opponent, Grabbing onto something with his hands such as an article of clothing or the arms or shoulders of his opponent. After doing so, He allows himself to carry the opponent through the air momentarily, Before flipping forward and bringing them with him using the combined momentum of the two to slam his opponent into the ground and cause devastating damage if successfully executed.

Swift Sweep: Moving forward at top speed, Tekina attempts confusing his opponent by leaping high into the air before coming back down and landing at close range before getting close to the ground, And pushing off as fast as he can towards his opponents legs. Often attempting to sweep one or more of their legs off of the ground, Usually with kicking attacks. Though given that this move is reliant on velocity, After the first kick one is often unable to continue attempting to bring the lower limb of their opponent off of the ground.

Weapon Based Combat:

Swift Duel Dagger Style

Cross Slash: Tekina brings his daggers up from below him and brings them across his target in an X shape. He can also perform this technique from above or at level by allowing his daggers to be slash in a downward motion. 

Descending Fang Movement: Usually using this technique to stab an opponent in the shoulder or upper chest area, Tekina grips his handles tightly, And with the blades of his daggers pointing downwards he brings them down upon his target. This technique usually causes the blades to be pierced into or through whatever they strike.

Wolfs Migration: Gripping his daggers backwards, Tekina swiftly slashes two times, Slashing forward and to opposite sides for each dagger. After performing these two slashes, He grounds himself, Before suddenly flipping his daggers upside down and holding them the same way, He spins himself one way of the other and move his body sideways before hopping just a few feet off of the ground. Spinning around and remaining at the same height, Tekina brings his blades across his target as he quickly spins past them, Usually extending his legs and allowing his shins to strike his target as well and send them careening sideways.
Wolf Fang Fury: Tekina throws a flurry of fast moving slashes at a target in different patterns causing cuts of varying depths and shapes. After choosing to stop slashing, Tekina grips his daggers as one normally would and attempts to impale the opponent. 

Devil Fruit Based Combat:

Combo Combat:


RP Sample:

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