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Sierra Snowden

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Approved Sierra Snowden

Post by Scarecrow on Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:28 am

General Information

Name: Sierra Snowden
Epithet: "Swinging Sierra "
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthplace: East Blue, Windmill Village
Species: Human
Orientation: Right Handed
Theme Tune:
Crew: N/A
Ship: N/A
Occupation: Navigator
Bounty: : 0
Allegiance: Pirate
• Become the world's greatest navigator.
• Reach the Grand Line.
• Find out if the Sky Islands really exist.

Character Information



Five foot 4, weighing 9 stone with brown eyes and long blonde hair Serra Snowden is a toy boy and the illustrating above is what she was last seen wearing before vanishing from her home in Windmill Village. She is more of a toy boy at heart and thus wears alternative clothing more times than not. Often sporting a white tank top with a black skull in the middle which easily accommodates her rather impressive bust. Around her waist she is often seen wearing a thick brown belt made from leather which covers up the bottom of her tank top and the top of her dark blue denim shorts. The belt has a small built in pouch on the left which carries navigational tools such as a compass and a few other little bits such as rolled up maps, pencils etc . . . Beneath the denim shorts Sierra wears black leggings which lead down to a small set of brown boots with steel plated toe caps. Worn out covering her left hand is a finger less brown glove made from leather which hides a bad scar which she has over her palm. Worn over her hair is a brown helmet with a set of goggles with silver trims and black rubber. The helmet's straps are rarely fastened. Often Sierra will wear her hair down and loose as opposed to up in any particular type of style.


Sierra is a happy go lucky childish girl who knows what she's got physicality wise but rarely uses it for ill gotten gains. She sees herself as one of the boys more than anything quickly shedding any female stereotype. She hates wearing dresses and make up. But she loves climbing and fits in perfectly with guys more than girls. Able to hold her own she often stands out in a crowd due to this.

Sierra's nature however is quite reckless as she has been seen performing some risky and questionable stunts whilst climbing. Unable to hear the little voice of reason which barks orders from the back of her head she runs head long into danger because in her words. 'Life's more fun when you don't know what'll happen.'

For the most part Sierra is innocent in a tom boy kinda way, but otherwise she understands all of the vices other people are often finding themselves in. She just isn't as quickly drawn into giving into such vices. She loves living life for the adventure it grants her and not to gain anything in particular. However she has found herself a series of dreams which she'd be happy to work hard for.

Character History


Raised on Windmill Village a small place named for it's most defining feature. The large windmill which brought in the village's money Sierra was raised by father and farmer Gregory Snowden and step-mother Victoria Williams soon to be Snowden. A rotten woman who ust wanted the better things in life even if it meant someone had to give something up so she could have a good time.

Mother had died in childbirth, a guilt which rested on Sierra's shoulders but she was able to wash away when she realized that her mother was happy in death. In her life she'd managed to accomplish all she'd wanted and with Sierra being brought into the world she could rest in piece knowing that someone was there to keep her father's spirits up. Sierra's mother had been diagnosed with an illness that would take her life in time and she didn't wish to leave Gregory alone.

With someone to look after his mind would be kept from wandering thoughts that he'd had before. Sierra had been raised by Gregory for seven years before Victoria moved in and started her reign of terror. With school, a rotten home life and a very rare chance to socialize due to Victoria's needs, Sierra wasn't enjoying life much nor was she happy to see her father aging at an accelerated rate. In the years Gregory had been with Victoria he'd proposed to her twice and she'd turned him down because she couldn't see herself being married at her age, but somehow she could justify spending all of his hard earned money.

Gregory had gone from a handsome young man with a thick bushy beard & lock brown locks of hair to an older man with a grey beard and a bald patch which had begun forming on top. Not only was this not right, but it was disrespectful to see such horror before her at the hands of this witch.

When Sierra reached the age of ten she started trying to tear her father away from Victoria but he was so smitten he couldn't look past her faults and would make excuses for her. This was becoming too much and Sierra realized she couldn't separate the two.

During a holiday from school Sierra remembered seeing Victoria and her father looking at jewelry whilst she was stuck with the bags. Waiting for them she quickly grew impatient and started playing with a coin. Whilst flipping it and playing with this coin she suddenly realized that her father was being held against the floor by two burly Marines who were about to arrest him.

Screaming Sierra rushed towards them mentioning how this was her father and it wasn't fair because he'd never done anything. Victoria rolled her eyes and mentioned casually with much less emotion that Gregory was her boyfriend to which he was let go by the soldiers who apologized.

They mentioned that Gregory looked like a crook they were after. Sierra however didn't much care about this crook but more so about her father's safety. Leading the out of the shop Sierra looked up to see the clouds shifting and changing. She could tell something was coming, but the question was what? Picking up the pace it started to rain. Pouring down heavily the group found refuge on the small ship which would lead them back to their side of the island.

It helped stave off the rain for a bit however nothing Victoria did held off the anger in Sierra as she watched her flirt with other men aboard the ship. Gregory would make excuses for her about how she knew them or was trying to broaden their social circle. But anyone with eyes could see she was just looking for her next rich old man.

Sierra decided to play the mummy card and started following her round asking when she'd come back to see daddy which worked in scaring off the first two men before one made mention of how he had children and thought that Sierra and his children could play together.

Refusing the offer Sierra spoke to he father showing him how Victoria was all over another man. Gregory saw that she was basically on his lap and about to kiss when he lost his temper and threw a punch which spiraled into a fight. As Gregory and the stranger Victoria had been with fought Sierra egged on her father and Victoria sauntered away to look for a new man.

Arriving on their side of the island Gregory and Sierra were left without Victoria. He thanked her for intervening. Victoria had been not only pushing a wedge between the two but stealing away the best years of his life.

Upon returning home he started to empty out the garage an Sierra who spotted these many boxes started rooting through them out of sheer curiosity before opening up to her father and asking why he was moving so many of her mother's things.

His response came with a smile. Gregory mentioned that since his relationship with Victoria ended it got him thinking about himself and what he wanted. Gregory could admit that Victoria was a rebound, an attempt to replace Sierra's mother and one which shouldn't have happened as it had taken his best years.

Instead he wanted to do something he enjoyed and wanted to do and not play pretend happy families. In the coming months Gregory quit his job, sold the farm and his house and bought a boat and supplies. What Gregory had always wanted and even trained for when he was younger was to be an explorer. He'd wanted to sail the seas and explore them.

Taking to the sea with Sierra when she was twelve Gregory would rely on her to aid him with navigation of which he was able to teach her as he had once studied it. She quickly became accomplished at navigation as she spent the majority of her time checking her father's possible mistakes of which they were quite frequent. As the two sailed discovering new places and stopping for food to try the local cuisine, Sierra started seeing changes in the sky, clouds & weather which begun acting like an indication for her. She was able to predict the oncoming weather and predict a safer route.

With the long journey ahead of them each and every time Sierra took advantage of the long hours by using the mast to climb, train herself. Balancing on the mast when at the top, she worked on her climbing and strength with climbing including her speeds to see if she could reach the top faster. Her father had mentioned how it was good to remain fit and healthy whilst on the sea as sitting around would only lead to a weak immune system.

She started to become more efficient as a sailor and even proved herself to be fully capable of leading the ship on her own being able to perform gymnastic feats to raised the sails and direct the ship. However during one of the attempts to show off to her father Sierra proved to herself she could do some real damage to herself too.

Swinging down with a rope from the mast she slipped losing her grip causing her to fall. Pushing her hands out in front to break her fall she fell into a set of stairs to the side leading up to the main deck. Breaking the railings she was for the most part alright except for one hand which had a large splinter of wood tear through it.

After a quick visit to the hospital and getting her hand patched up she was left with a horrible scar from the stitches which eventually healed.

Years aboard the ship sailing the sea passed in which the two encountered many people and creatures. Sierra grew and when she reached twenty four she couldn't be happy to still be sailing with her father who looked better than he had done in a long time. With her hand healed up she'd been given her father's glove to cover the scar which was old and worn away badly but her fathers so she'd keep it.

The two had nearly been everywhere except the Grand Line where she'd been told Sky Islands existed along with people of imaginable strength and even some of the currents and weather combinations would be crazy due to its fluctuating environments. This excited her and made her wonder what could await her in the future.

Asking her father if they could go see these places he shook his head and mentioned how he was too old but she was not. With old age catching up and Sierra refusing to acknowledge this Gregory and her returned to their home island to see his wife and Sierra's mother.

Finding her grave and laying down some flowers Sierra left her father alone to speak with her mother. She thought it fair as it had been a while. Happy that she could live her life with her father and see him so happy she waited for him to re-join her so she could speak to her mother.

However this wasn't to be as she turned to find her father on his knees with a familiar looking woman stood over him. Approaching she could see her father had a tear in his shirt and a crimson colour was leaking from him. The woman held a knife in her hand and stood with curly grey hair covering her face.

Screaming in frustration, anger and a million other emotions Sierra launched herself at the woman knocking her on to her back and the knife aside. She held her down and looked into the old familiar eyes of a cold hearted witch she'd once hated and still did.

This lady was Victoria.

Asking why and and demanding an answer Sierra watched as Victoria laughed before she dealt out a punch and demanded another answer.

Victoria explained that when they let her walk off she'd been kidnapped and held prisoner for years. She was fuming that they never came after her or even mentioned her as missing to the Marines. She said how she blamed them for everything that happened to her in the years which past.

Sierra grabbed her father and hoisted him over her shoulder whilst she planned to drag Victoria to a hospital. She wanted to save her father. Desperately trying to reach the hospital in tears with blood leaking over her top Sierra felt the exact moment life left her father.

As his body fell limp she fell to the ground and took her rage out on Victoria. Continually bashing her face in she was eventually stopped when a Naval soldier heard crying from a near by alley.

Sierra was stopped and carried to a Naval prison lock up whilst Victoria was taken to a hospital to be patched up. Despite explaining her story numerous times to the officers Sierra was never let out of the cell nor properly listened to. She was sentenced to 12 months in prison. However this sentence was lowered due to good behavior.

Being released from the prison cells she found herself visiting her father and mother's graves to speak with both one last time before heading out to sea to live a life neither parent seemed to have done so. She made it her job to become the world's best navigator to give both something to be proud of, to visit the grand line and discover the sky islands above.

To do this she would sail aboard the ship her father had brought with the money he sold the farm for, and she would do it for them because of everything they had done for her.


Exceptional Navigational Prowess
Learning from her father and the years spent sailing with him, Sierra picked up allot and discovered many new techniques how to navigate which have proved incredibly useful when directing herself or picking the quickest or even safest routes to take.

Weather Prediction
With the various changes in the weather due to climates and constant travelling Sierra has been able to predict the changes in the weather and what causes what to change. It is a useful skill to have when navigating and even to tell if it will be nice or not later due to the subtle changes.

Unsightly Speed | Reactions
Honing these skills whilst aboard the ship have proved useful as Sierra can now fully operate a ship on her own without any real struggles as she is able to get to everything quickly and even react accordingly to any incidents which occur.

Skilled Acrobat
With the time to hone skills such as speed and strength this is another Sierra has been able to hone and was able to become quite good with. Flexible and good with surroundings she is able to maneuver quickly with confidence.


Weapon: Bolt

Weapon Description: The Bolt is a five foot thin titanium chain which has a brown leather strap on one end which can be clipped shut and reaches around the palm of the hand to keep it in place whilst on the other end is a light weight solid ball of titanium which is black with a rubber coating around it. The weapon is used to quickly strike someone with. The length can be determined by how much of the chain is let loose.

Weapon Special Abilities:
Due to being made of titanium the weapon is very strong and lightweight making it easy to carry and attack with as it can take an awful lot of punishment due to the material it is constructed from.

Rubber Ball
This rubber coating on the ball makes the device free of electric shocks as rubber is not a conductor of electricity rendering the user of the Bolt safe from electrical attacks.

Weapon History:
Taking to the sea after visiting her parent's graves Sierra took a moment to think about any dangers she may encounter as the sea is a vast place and if the blues are dangerous with women like Victoria then the Grand Line and maybe even Sky Islands would be as well. Taking this into account and realizing she was unarmed she headed to a black smiths and purchased the only weapon she could afford. The Bolt.

Devil Fruit Information

Devil Fruit Name:
Devil Fruit Type:
Devil Fruit Mastery Level:
Devil Fruit Abilities:
Devil Fruit Weaknesses:
Devil Fruit Forms:

Combat Information

Weapon Based Combat:

Bolt Blitz

Bolt Blitz: Firecracker
Swinging the rubber ball towards an opponent Sierra attempts to hit them in the face with it striking them.

Bolt Blitz: Bomber
Spinning the ball around numerous times the rubber ball hits the opponent numerous times each time coming from the same direction each time picking up slightly more speed.

Bolt Blitz: Spiralling 'Spolsive
Launching the ball towards an opponent the user watches as the chain wraps itself around the opponent's targeted body part before the length of chain gets shorter and the rubber ball hits the opponent in the targeted area.

Bolt Blitz: Tectonic Boom
Unleashing its full length the user spins around in a circle holding the Bolt close to the ground in an attempt to knock opponent's from their feet.

Bolt Blitz: Blitzkrieg!
Spinning the ball for an extended period of time the user picks up allot of speed and power behind it before launching it into the genitals of an opponent. (Preferably Male.)


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Approved Re: Sierra Snowden

Post by Deviant on Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:16 am

Unless stated otherwise


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Approved Re: Sierra Snowden

Post by Scarecrow on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:14 am

Moving to NPC
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Approved Re: Sierra Snowden

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