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Serious: Strangers

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Re: Serious: Strangers

Post by Deviant on September 5th 2016, 09:59

"Wrong person? I don't think so, with all of those bags, I can't see how I've got the wrong person. You must be the one, the delivery girl from Shang."

Adamant that this mistake was correct Pallah noticed the lady stepped back from the hug and understood.

"Ah I see, you wish to keep things strictly business. Okay, okay, okay. We will keep things strictly in the business. I assume these ones of the ground must be mine? Nice cover. I like it very much. Keep things away from prying eyes. I had many many MANY eyes on me today. And that has just been the ladies. HA! No I joke. Many Navy dogs watching me they have been. I take these bags and I'll leave you the package. Very good way to deal. I like the way Shang businesses. He does it well."

Reaching for the two bags on the ground that Sierra had dropped at the sight and mention of himself, Mister Pallah grinned being able to get so close and peer at Sierra from below upwards. With a bust so large and wondrous he could only imagine who the lucky man was that got to touch them.

As for Wynter with the box of beli he was ready to get himself a few supplies himself. Heading to the nearest bar he figured this was as good a place to find crew mates as any. Quickly falling in a tavern by the name of Red Lion, he was quickly seated at the bar.

An order of Applejack's frosty cider was placed in front of him by the buxom bar maid with red curly locks who explained the first one was free for new customers.

I'm already loving this place. Wynter thought to himself.

Snatching up the applejacks and taking a large gulp Wynter felt it hit him hard. And he wasn't ready to stop anytime soon. He was just getting started and things were going to be getting good. Turning around and looking at the patrons he tried to spot a few rough looking characters before he heard the sound of the bar maid once more. Swiveling around on the stool two more times due to how fun it was he finally faced the bar maid.

"Having fun there are we?"
"Maybe a little too much sssh."
"So what brings you into town mister? You look a bit young if you don't mind me saying."
"I am young. But that's not why I'm here."
"Oh well why are you here then? What're you doing here in Orange town? Not starting any fights I hope." the bar maid chuckled.
"Well it's a bit too late for that. I already had one of them. Some guy threw me out of the way so I had to teach him a lesson."
"Well. . . as long as you bring no trouble my way we'll have you in here."

Nodding Wynter finished his applejack and ordered another. Sliding it before him the bar maid smiled at Wynter and placed his money in the till.

"Although on a serious note, I am here with an intention."
"And that might be?"
"I'm looking for some crew mates."
"Oh you're a pirate are you?"
"Yea . . . well, well, well, not yet. But I will be. Once I find meself a crew of course heh."
"Well I've no problem with you bein' a pirate, but just don't be bringing any problems with you into this here place. I've worked hard to give it a respectable name."

Signalling an okay symbol to her Wynter finished his second drink and asked for a third which landed in front quickly along with the money which the bar maid snatched up.

"You wouldn't happen to know where I might find some crew mates would you?"
"I know a few places."

Perking his ears up Wynter was ready to meet his new potential crew mates and prove to them he was fit to be their captain.


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Re: Serious: Strangers

Post by Scarecrow on September 7th 2016, 10:46

Listening to the crudeness of the man who stood before her and watching how his eyes kept dropping to gaze at a specific set of assets she pulled a face as she thought What a creep! to herself. 

Mister Pallah reached for the bags she'd laid on the ground and as his hands gripped them Sierra looked down at him to see his eyes peering at her chest. Grunting disapprovingly she watched him stand up and gripped her bolt ready to swing it and grab hold of her bags once more. 

But before she got the chance she watched Mister Pallah get to his feet and back off. 

"Hey! Give me those back!" she had no idea what he'd been talking about as he spoke so quickly and moved even quicker but she knew that this guy was after something she hadn't been delivering. 

"I have no idea who you were talking about either. No give me back my shopping."

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Re: Serious: Strangers

Post by Deviant on September 7th 2016, 11:23

"Thank you. Nice doing business with you pretty lady. I've left your device between your feet. Mmm I'd love to get between them but business is more important than pleasure. At least time it is. Have a good one."

Mister Pallah was off in a flash dashing down the street Sierra had just come down and before she'd even had the chance to chase him, attack or speak up properly he was gone. Pallah heard her speaking about not knowing Shang but shrugged it off.

Certain this was part of some act he grinned running with a bag in each hand ready to count his money and pocket it before the casino took it all and he'd be on the lookout for another job to pay the bills and his enormous gambling debt.

Having taken on board the names of some of this town's pirates from the barmaid, Wynter grinned and looked towards the few who were sitting in the tavern with him.

Rubbing his hands together eagerly as he approached the first one Wynter felt a sense of pride and confidence emanate through himself.

This was 'Peg Leg' Jack a shipwright, alcoholic, amputee and sociopath. He was responsible for a Marine massacre that took place 12 years ago which earned him a respectable 13,000,000 Beli bounty. Fortunately for him the bar mad had offered to keep him hidden and so far, done a pretty good job.

With the box of beli under his arm and a smile on his face Wynter tapped the brute of a man with a wooden peg leg and a mouth empty of teeth on the shoulder.

Turning around to reveal a set of wooden dentures Jack looked at Wynter.

"Whut yew want?" he said spitting.
"Peg Leg Jack right?"
"Is there anuver?"
"Another what?"
"Peg leg ya daft bugger!"
"I don't think so."
"Aye, course I'm Peg Leg Jack!"

Nodding unsure what that was about Wynter looked Jack in the eye.

"Right, you're a pirate."
"That I am"
"And you're pretty well known."
"Am I?"
"You are the peg leg jack who massacred them marines right?"
"Then yea, you're well known. I'm a pirate too. And I'm looking for some crew mates."

Before an answer revealed it's ugly head Wynter was met with a meaty fist pushing him away.

"Nope! Not interested."
"Aw c'mon, why not?""
"You think I'll be taking orders from you? You're havin' a laff!"

Rolling his eyes Wynter turned to the next table to ask about crew mates. Which revealed to be much more of the same. It was growing tiresome and from the looks of it he wasn't going to recruit anyone in this bar.

Heading back to the bar after speaking to three pirates and failing miserably to recruit any of them Wynter thanked the bar maid and left.

Kicking open the tavern doors with a large wooden box in hand Wynter felt a little disappointed and not cut out for this life.


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Re: Serious: Strangers

Post by Scarecrow on September 7th 2016, 11:32

Day light robbery had been a thing of the past long ago, but now it was seeming to become quite frequent again. Or at least it seemed frequent on this island unlike her home. Sighing as she reached down towards the package Sierra picked it up and headed to her ship. 

Angry, pissed off, annoyed and a multitude of other things, she found her ship just as she'd left it. As much as she'd wanted to give chase and beat Mister Pallah senseless with her bolt it would be no use with all of the bags weighing her down. He'd probably be back anyway infuriated with the lack of whatever he was looking to get his hands on. 

Setting all of her food away into the cupboards and fridge aboard her little vessel, Sierra sat down at her little desk with the package on her desk in front of her. Curiously she looked at it and wondered what could be inside.

Maybe it was a bomb or a Marine's head. 

Reaching for the little golden latch on the front of the wooden box she flicked it open and flipped the lid up revealing the hidden treasure that was before her. 

((OOC: Thank you for revealing to me what was in the box.))

Looking at the contents in such shock Sierra reached in to pick it up. Unsure of how to react or what to do with it she held it up above her admiring it.

Sitting before her in her very own hands was a devil fruit. Round in shape with a green stem poking out from the top Sierra placed it back in the box. 

She'd heard all about them in her past whilst travelling with her father. A corrupted fruit possessed by the spirit of a demon which will grant anyone stupid enough to eat it or take a bite the powers by sacrificing their ability to swim. 

As nice as powers sounded swimming was nicer and would be vastly missed. What would be the point. 

Closing the box up Sierra snatched up up under her arm and decided it was time she tried to find herself Mister Pallah. The sooner she did the sooner this misunderstanding could be sorted out. 

Hoping back on to the deck filled with hope, Sierra sprinted back into town in search of Mister Pallah.


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Re: Serious: Strangers

Post by Deviant on September 7th 2016, 11:57

With a box full of beli under his arm, a little missing from the grand total and a heart of disappointment Wynter found himself lazily wandering towards the docks. Maybe he'd find someone there who'd be kind enough to drown him.

Or to join his crew.

Either would be nice right now after such a strike to his heart and dreams. Maybe he'd buy a ship and sail outta there or become a fisherman instead. They were easy simple lives to get into. Who knew being a pirate would be so hard.

He had thought too far ahead in this line of work anyway, like what he wanted to accomplish or be responsible for or anything really. He just wanted to be a pirate and that dream was quickly reaching it's end before it begun.

Raising his head and looking ahead he caught sight of something charging his way at full speed.

What the-? however the seconds notice before collision wasn't enough time to move or even speak up. His brain had the thought before any thoughts of moving came into play.

Smacked in the chest by what felt to be a boulder Wynter doubled over landing on his back releasing the wooden box.

As Wynter opened his eyes felling a bruise forming over his chest he could see the blinding light shinning over him and blinked trying to readjust his eyes, the clouds above and the sky was littered with paper like notes floating in the breeze spiraling as they gently floated tot he ground.

Moments later his brain picked up on what the notes were and using his hands picked himself up. Sitting up on the ground as Beli rained down, Wynter caught sight of the object which he'd collided with.


Standing before Wynter was the towering creature he'd encountered earlier. Blood on his knuckles and by the looks of it sheer anger in his eyes.

"Gur-sha Gur-sha, you little shit! I'ma make you pay!"

Bounding into the air and dragging down a meaty tightly clenched fist with him Gring-Gott slammed his fist towards Wynter.

Rolling to the left as the creature crashed down Wynter felt a sense of relief as the ground shook.

"Gur-Sha Gur-Sha not getting away from meeeee!"

Picking himself up and on to his feet Wynter stood facing Gring-Gott who swept towards Wynter with his extended fist hoping to hit him with a hammer swing.

Stepping back the fist missed and Gring-Gott threw himself on to his feet once more looming over Wynter.

"Chill out big guy, the guy you were with gave me the box. I didn't steal shit."

"Gur-sha Gur-sha LIAR!"

Launching his head towards Wynter first contact was made with Gring-Gott's head upon Wynter's face. Knocking him backwards, Wynter touched his nose which had begun bleeding.

"Shouldn't have done that."

"Why, what you gonna do?"


Life Return: Body Heat: Fire Foot"

With a scold hot foot now in play Wynter took a step forward and thrust his heated foot into the air launching a kick towards the abdomen of a hunched over Gring-Gott. Searing his flesh and watching him tumble backwards in agonizing pain, Wynter grinned. It was good to see someone who deserved to suffer in such pain.

"You should be careful who you mess with."

As beli rained down over the battlefield Gring-Gott hit the ground writing round in pain on his back Wynter watched with fists clenched and a foot that wasn't going cold anytime soon.


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Re: Serious: Strangers

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