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Post by Deviant on September 13th 2016, 15:31

East Blue, unknown::.
10:35 AM::.

Waves of blue as far as the eye can see, clear skies littered with cotton candy clouds and a dash of sun which shines over it all with such glory. The seas feel endless and fish which can be seen swarming beneath it's waves limitless. If only there were. One for each fisherman his wife and children. World hunger problems would vanish in almost an instance and becoming a fisherman would be a lucrative job. 

Unfortunately it isn't just food & water. Money must be made in any other way possible, just like freedom they both come from long hard work and one hell of a journey, which sometimes we're not so sure its worth taking some of the time. A wise man once said 'Anything which is hard to do isn't worth doing. But he was clearly an idiot and more so, he never did anything nor did he ever get anywhere except for a quick coffin and even faster burial since people had just been waiting. 

The right man says 'Let adventure take me by the horns and ride me on into the oblivion that is life.' Okay by right man I mean Josh Wynter. The young man whose currently lying on his floating wooden raft adrift in the ocean without a single clue. He'd been so eager to leave the island he'd been on he'd set straight out without asking or trying to figure out which was the right way to go. With his buttons undone and tie loosened he lay on the raft staring into the sky with a hand of his face. It wasn't every day you found yourself struggling with finding an island, but that was because most people had a navigator or were one themselves.

Sadly not this boy, he was lost and under the eyes of a set of hungry birds. Circling his almost lifeless corpse the birds were ready for a feast. 

Since leaving the island he'd learnt a great deal. The day was growing old and the sun dimming a little. 

It was time Wynter's journey begun and first things first, he was in great disposes struggling far too much.


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Re: Seasick!

Post by Vaetric on September 15th 2016, 19:33

Fikusa sighed as she leaned on the railings. The ship was a little rickety, but it was a cheap commercial voyage.  She glanced over at the hull. It looked like someone scraped across a cat, splinters sticking out all across the wooden boards on both sides. She felt the ship would break apart and sink at any moment. She let out a sigh, of course, she didn’t have much choice. As far as bounties go, hers was just a drop in the sea. However, she couldn’t be too careful. She doubted a World-Government commercial crew would recognise her, but she could always be wrong.
At least there were less people here. Mostly the poor like her and other criminals as they hopped from island to island. Someone had already tried to rob her about a day into the voyage, needless to say, he clung to the other side of the ship now. She inspected her left arm, it whirling a little as she clenched the iron fingers. She supposed each day is a new adventure, but it was getting rather boring now, to just stare at the sea with absolutely nothing else to do other than hope the ship doesn’t pull apart or hope the next island comes soon.
They didn’t even let her fix the ship. Not that she could do much with a lack of wood around. They just said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So how are they going to fix the ship when it’s broken apart? She let out another sigh.

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Re: Seasick!

Post by Deviant on September 16th 2016, 01:00

Feeling the sweat over his brow begin to grow only more moist with each passing minute the young man on the raft recognized the sudden sounds of birds in the blue who just wish to feast.

Opening his eyes to take a quick peak the bright blue sky lay before him with not a single cloud in the sky but as much sunlight as could be blinding him slightly. Feeling the rays burn away at his retinas Wynter rolled to the side shielding his eyes as the cries of three more birds rose high into the heavens.

Groaning at the slight irritant the birds ha quickly become and the lack of energy, the young man picked himself up to a rest on his knees. Sighing as his vision was once more restored and the graceful and harsh mistress known as the almighty east blue flooded his sight the birds had begun their descent.

Swooping down towards the raft and single bit of food which awaited their hungry jaws a gentle breeze brushed through their feathers and the hair of the young man whose energy was beginning to run so low.

As the four birds shot down like bullets from a flintlock pistol or Wynter raised his head slowly allowing himself just enough time for his eyes to adjust themselves to the blinding light from high above.

The raft wasn't the perfect form of travel especially to a proper island but it was doing the job and with these birds sweeping down it most likely wouldn't hold together.

Pulling his fingers into to form a tightly clenched fist Wynter felt a tiny breeze brush his hair aside and lifted himself to his feet.

The birds had grown closer revealing their true size. They were big. Almost as big as he was but that wouldn't deter him. Wynter had been in search of an adventure and by the looks of it that was exactly what he'd found.

As the leader of the pack or so he assumed almost met with Wynter, the young man crouched down slightly before using it to try and help him reach greater heights with his leap.

With the large aviary creature before him Wynter drew back his fist and launched out mighty blow towards the monstrously sized bird.

Fist collided with fleshy face and the creature found itself thrown off course and instead of the raft claiming a new friend the blue had wrapped its heavy waves over the wings and was dragging it under.

Watching as the creature fought valiantly to escape Wynter heard squawks from above. The kind which indicated not only had he proved his dominance over their kind but that they simply wouldn't be up to the match even with the three of them.

All three had momentarily paused hovering a few feet above. Shaking his head Wynter's eyes connected with the birds which quickly made a point of leaving him for a potentially greater threat.

Smirking to himself Wynter sat back down and cast his gaze towards the bird which now looked to be struggling among the waves. As bad as he felt it wasn't his fault the bird had come to such a situation.

With a few extra flaps out of fear and the occasional splashes in his direction Wynter watched the bird escape mother blue's grip and allow him to fly into the sky to rejoin his breed with a warning not to mess with her anymore. A warning that would clearly be ignored by the dumbfounded creature that saw life on the seas as easy prey.

Returning to his original state lying back down on the raft Wynter closed his eyes. He needed to find an island or some source of food and if his nose wasn't playing games with him it smelt as if there was some food in the vicinity that wasn't fish.

Inhaling deeply he struggled to get a good hold on the scent. Wynter thought about what the old man on the island had told him about life return. The ability used by Ciper Pol agents to enhance the bodies natural abilities. He tried deeply to focus on his nose and the olfactory receptors in his nostrils, but alas nothing came to be other than a sharp pain towards the top of his nose and a tingling sensation in his nose.

Putting an immediate halt to the attempt he opened his eyes and rubbed his nose a few times. Sitting he spotted it.

A ship making its way lazily through the waves of mother blue.


A slow smile started to form over his face and some of the back up energy he'd not had access to earlier found its way back into his body. Rushing around his system he started to wave trying to flag down the ship and get a little attention. And maybe if he was lucky some food.

As the ship approached getting slightly closer Wynter stood up and started waving both arms. Surely they'd see him. And hopefully they'd stop.

He couldn't go another day on this miserable blue without food, water and someone to talk to other than himself.


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Re: Seasick!

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